Lifecycle of the Svelte Component

Understanding lifecycle of component is important to implement.

Jangwook Kim
Apr 17 · 2 min read
Logo of the Svelte

This post is one of Svelte Tutorial series.

  1. Up and running with Svelte
  2. How to handle Events in Svelte
  3. How binding data into Svelte Component
  4. [This Post] Lifecycle of the Svelte Component

The svelte has some lifecycle functions.

Lifecycle of the Svelte Component
  1. onMount: runs after the component is first rendered to the DOM.
  2. onDestroy: runs when the component is destroyed.
  3. beforeUpdate: runs before the DOM has been updated.
  4. afterUpdate: runs after the DOM has been updated(It's counterpart of the beforeUpdate).
  5. tick: unlike other functions(I'll describe at the last part of this post).


It’s interesting that onDestroy function of the child component runs after parent component’s.

The tick is special function. It can be called any time unlike other lifecycle functions except when the component first initializes.

It returns a promise that resolves as soon as any pending state changes have been applied to the DOM.

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