Next.js —Where have you been all my life?

How Next.js kept me writing React — in production.

Eshwaren M
Sep 10, 2019 · 3 min read

I almost gave up. My React SPA was great to code, but also completely useless. I had spent months to learn React, and a few more to convince the team to upgrade our Jquery powered front-end to React, all in the name of performance, better code re-usability, and future proofing.

We are an online news portal, so the site I was developing using React was more or less a blog. How hard can this be? A few routes, fetch some APIs, and voila! Not so fast. I shared the URL of my new shiny prototype to Facebook — nothing came up, no featured image, no proper title.

I realized Facebook will only scrap server side rendered meta tags. The only magic I can use at this point were pre-renderers. This complicates our build deployment processes, caching strategies and cost calculation. Also, Lighthouse didn’t show good scores. My heart broke.

Fortunately, I had more time. We didn’t upgrade our live site. No talk about this for a while. I continued to seek solutions. My new objectives were :

  1. Dynamic pages — with server side rendered meta tags
  2. React for interactivity after the page loads
  3. Lighthouse score above 80%
  4. Easy build and deployment process
  5. Easy local development

Not long after I Googled “Server side rendered React” , I found Next.js.

Here’s a good tutorial by Brad Traversy

📃 Dynamic pages

💫 React for interactivity

⚡️ Performance

🔧 Build and deploy

💻 Local development

In conclusion, I love Next.js and I encourage you to try it out!

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Learn the web's most important programming language.

Eshwaren M

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JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.

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