Quasar Framework: Full Frontend Framework for Mobile and Desktop Apps

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Oct 13 · 8 min read
Quasar Framework
Quasar Framework

Quick Summary: Meet the rising superstar Quasar framework that enables developers to create cross-platform applicat1ions from a single code. Find out how Razvan Stoenescu developed this extremely efficient framework from a naive need of an exhausted developer. Get acquainted with how Quasar helps build mobile and desktop apps for several platforms- Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Linux, etc. You will fall in love with the fantastic features and functionalities provided by this fantastic Quasar Framework mobile apps. Finally, compare Quasar with another Vue.js framework Vuetify, and decide for your cross-platform app development.


Today, for almost every human task, men rely on smart mobile phones. Whether it is for reminding them about an upcoming event, waking up in the morning, handling multiple investment banking accounts, or shopping online, every task has a custom mobile application that eases man’s life. This surge is hiking with the emerging needs of mobile users, along with which the scope of mobile app development is also rising.

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Overall, today’s technology is aiding businesses to get a step closer to their customers and end-users with web and mobile applications. Customers reach out to your business services through various communication channels- website, web applications, mobile apps, and desktop applications. They even intend their business transactions through such mediums. All this has led to a rise in web and mobile app development solutions.

As you check the above graph from Statista, internet apps have peaked from 2014 to 2019. Furthermore, in the upcoming years, this bar is going higher and not the other way. This data proves that the web world has become inseparable from mobile and internet users. It has undoubtedly penetrated the mobile and web app development industry with solutions for responsive app development.

This surge has raised the bar of customers expecting more enhancements in their mobile and web applications. As web development and mobile app development are two distinct fields, various solutions have emerged to help entrepreneurs attain both aspects with a single medium.

One such front-end framework that has recently gained popularity is the Quasar framework that enables developers to aim both web and mobile apps with a more comfortable development pattern. Many of you might not be aware of What is Quasar Framework?

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An Outlook of Quasar Framework

The Quasar framework is built on Vue.js as for the developers to develop cross-platform applications easily and quickly. Quasar is an open-source framework and helps create single-page applications SPA, server-side rendered applications SSR, progressive web applications PWA, mobile apps, and desktop applications.

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Quasar was first released to the public in August 2016, and within a short period, it has gained much popularity and appreciation amongst the developers. The 1st version of the framework was released in 2019. It has 16.2K stars and 1.9K forks on its GitHub page.

As you check on Google Trends, the Quasar framework has generated quite a disruption in recent times. Quasar framework has proved to be the best companion of developers as it eliminates the use of external libraries like Bootstrap, Hammerjs, or Momentjs.

The Quasar Autobiography

Moreover, developers need not trouble with project management using babel, eslint, or web pack with the Quasar framework. They get everything in this one solution.

Razvan Stoenescu, the Quasar framework’s creator, shares his story of how he came up with this mind-blowing all-in-one framework.

Razvan was no different from most corporate world developers- drenched out of the dirty politics and internal clashes. He was troubled by conflicts and inconsistencies.

This was around 2015 that he was using different software development tools to execute various kinds of projects. He was working on iOS apps, android apps, Apple desktop apps, Windows desktop apps, websites, and so much more. All using different software solutions.

He longed for a hack to reduce all the complexities and develop different app flavors using a single codebase. He couldn’t find any such tool, so he started to build it from the starch.

Razvan’s undertaking was not easy, so we wanted a strong base on which he could build a robust framework. He wanted to expand and enhance the system comprehensively to attain all the characteristics he was looking for in a master solution.

He came across Vue.js that was quite in demand at that time. He overlooked the structure and decided to develop a framework on top of Vue.js.

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This was the birth story of our hero- Quasar Framework.

Quasar Apps: Multiple Platform Support from Single Codebase

  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps with Quasar Framework

This amazing framework uses Cordova to build Quasar framework mobile applications- both Android and IOS. Cordova builds the basic features of your Quasar mobile application using an inline browser, and for the native components, it integrates with the web view. The best part is that Cordova uses a single code for both platforms-iOS and Android, which gives your users a uniform look and feel. Even the functioning and user-experience of your app on both operating systems will be similar. Apps developed in this manner are called Hybrid apps because they are neither web-based nor native.

  • Desktop Apps with Quasar Framework

The Quasar framework uses web technology- Electron to build extraordinary desktop applications. It works for all operating systems: Mac, Linux, and Windows. With Electron, you can have GUI elements, e.g., menus, etc. just like your native app. As you build your Quasar desktop application, the framework converts your code into the Electron code. Furthermore, you can compile your Quasar desktop app by modifying the Electron code.

1. Reusable Code: Quasar developers first create a development code for a mobile app on one platform, and then reuse the same code for another platform, and even for the development of a web application. This reusability saves their time, effort, and ultimately cost of the project.

2. Fewer Resources: Ideally, the mobile application development team is separate from the web app development team. However, because of Quasar’s single codebase for all platforms and web app development, you are spared. You do not have to appoint a distinguished team of Quasar framework mobile app and web app developers.

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3. Quick ROI: It is so apparent that with lesser development time and effort, you pass the testing, support, and maintenance stages real quick, and hence get a faster return on your investment. This rate even boosts your revenue generation.

Excellent Features of Quasar Framework

  • All in one

As mentioned earlier, Quasar gives you the ability to develop functional code once, and with that, your development task is done. You can use this same code on all other platforms and enjoy native behavior in desktop and Quasar mobile apps. Hence, for Android and iOS for mobile and Mac, Linux, Windows, and other OS for desktop, you can use a single codebase. You can develop progressive web apps and single-page applications using the Quasar framework.

  • Top class, fast web responsive components

With the Quasar framework, you get a unique development component for each distinct web development need. Your users will get fantastic experience and responsiveness with your Quasar application.

  • Best practice compliance

Quasar developers get overwhelming Quasar features like code minification, source mapping, cache busting, code-splitting, tree shaking, ES6 transpiring, lazy loading, linting code, accessibility features, etc. The community encourages you to use Quasar Best Practices. The best part is that you can implement all these features without any configuration.

  • Full RTL support

Quasar offers right-to-left scripting, which is so rare. Most of the frameworks only avail left-to-right scripts. This feature is handy to developers who prefer this style of coding. Moreover, your CSS code is also converted to RTL form if you use an RTL language pack.

  • Two themes

Quasar framework supports the two most famous themes- Material theme and iOS theme.

  • Progressively migrate your existing project

The Quasar Framework uses the Unified Module Definition UMD version, which enables you just to add HTML, Javascript, and CSS code to your existing project, and it will be ready to use.

Enhanced Quasar Framework Features

⭐ Quasar CLI

Quasar developers are blessed to have a command-line interface that enables them to edit the code and see the impact in real-time almost instantly. This Hot Module Reload HMR feature uses the error-compilation overlay technology. Hence, developers need not refresh to see the updated changes in real-time. You can install Quasar CLI with Node JS installation.

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Advantages of using Quasar CLI:

Quasar developers are blessed to have a command-line interface that enables them to edit the code and see the impact in real-time almost instantly. This Hot Module Reload HMR feature uses the error-compilation overlay technology. Hence, developers need not refresh to see the updated changes in real-time. You can install Quasar CLI with Node JS installation.

⭐ Quasar Developers and Platform Support

  • Error Overlay by State-preserving Compilation
  • For code-linting, you can use Lint-on-save with ESLint
  • Transpiling ES6 code
  • Source maps
  • Changing build options- no need for manual reload
  • Leading-edge tools and techniques

Quasar has an impelling society of developers along with an official forum for freelance Quasar developers. Moreover, there’s also a discord server for the Quasar community. They regularly post tweets about the updates and essential materials for Quasar developers from its official Twitter account.

Vuetify Vs. Quasar

Quasar is built on top of Vue.js, similarly, a parallel competition to Quasar is the Vuetify framework. John Leider created Vuetify as per Google’s material design specification.

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Check out the differences between Quasar Vs. Vuetify in the below table:

Size: The Quasar framework is comparatively lightweight with a 437 KB framework, whereas Vuetify is 815 KB.

Performance: Quasar apps load faster than apps built with Vuetify because of its lightweight framework size.

Documentation: Vuetify’s documentation lacks precision regarding many of its features and functionalities. In comparison, Quasar has comprehensive and well-written documentation.

Material Design: Vuetify strictly obeys the design principles, and hence leaves no room for customization. However, Quasar opens up an unlimited possibility of customization and accepts other functionalities and material design.

The Quasar framework for Vue.js is beyond any doubt, the best Vue.js framework to create cross-platform applications.


As I conclude this blog, let me give a quick retrospective of what we explored. You saw the need for a comprehensive app development solution to which Quasar Vue.js framework was the best-fit. We went through the story of the Quasar framework’s creation, its features, exclusive functionalities, advantages, and its difference with the competitive Vuetify framework.

If you want to develop your business app that penetrates your target market and gets maximum visibility, you should hire Quasar framework developers.

Originally published at https://www.bacancytechnology.com.

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