The 4 Phases Of Vue Component Rendering

Prasad Jayakumar
Nov 18 Β· 2 min read
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β€œThe more layers you peel away, the more you cry” by saghul πŸ˜†

Vue JS is simple but powerful library + framework. JavaScript developer could improve their skills by decoding the Vue code base. Vue anatomy blog is my attempt to decode.

Vue goes through four phases

  1. init β€” includes initialization, beforeCreate and created lifecycle hooks
  2. compile β€” convert template to internal functions
  3. render β€” returns a virtual DOM node
  4. patch β€” Compares the virutal DOM with last virtual DOM and renders the delta in your browser DOM

When we prefer to do quick prototype, we include Vue library (full build β€” runtime + compile) directly in html file. The downside of this approach is compile phase will be executed every time.

Code written in template section will be converted into render JS function as shown below

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Vue template to render function

When we use Vue CLI, the Vue template will be converted to render JS function during the build process. This approach gives dual advantage.

  1. We need only Vue runtime library β€” Smaller Vue bundle.
  2. Compile phase is excluded β€” Improves the overall processing.
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No compile step in Vue CLI based runtime

Activities performed during init phase

Activities performed during compile phase

Activities performed during render and patch phase

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