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The Best Bits #001

Sunil Sandhu
Jun 29 · 2 min read

Hey you! Sunil here, founder of the In Plain English publications that you know and love. Medium have created a Newsletter format that allows us to get a little bit closer to you, the reader. I appreciate that your time is precious, so thank you for reading up to this point.

Once per week, I will personally be writing up what I consider to be the some of best pieces of content from In Plain English over the past seven days. This will hopefully give you a quick snapshot of the content that I feel you should definitely spend time with.

More Loops in JavaScript

The latest episode of Decoded, is now available on our YouTube! We cover lots of higher order functions available for use when looping through data.

How to craft a simple testing framework

Alen demonstrates how we can boost the confidence in our code by creating our own testing framework .

Fine-tuning in deep learning

Zahra explains how fine-tuning is used and why it is required.

Building a UX portfolio without experience

Sumeet shows you what to do if you don’t have any UX experience.

Writing cleaner code in JavaScript

Daniel goes through a number of ways that JavaScript developers can make their code more robust.

Artificial Intelligence and the search for a fairer society

Deborah explores how we can use AI to ensure justice in the decisions made by banks, basic social services, universities or schools.

UX Mentorship tips

Shiran offers some advice to people who want to become UX designers.

Python File Handling

Woz shows us how to create, read, update and delete files in Python.

Building a Cat Facts App With Flask

Fitrahtur shows us how to build and deploy a Flask app to Heroku.

We hope you have found this useful! Be sure to reach out to me over Twitter @sunilsandhu if you have any suggestions for the types of things you’d like to see in future newsletters :)

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