The New Way To Remove Duplicates From An Array In JavaScript

No need for libraries or weird tricks

Piero Borrelli
May 13 · 2 min read

Arrays are fundamental blocks of how we deal with sets of data. We use them every day, not only in JavaScript but in every language. Today, I would like to show you a particular cool trick I found out reading some code.

I believe it can save you some headache when dealing with removing duplicates from your array. Maybe you need to feed a library function with unique array values, or maybe something else.

How can you do that?

Old School Solution

With ECMAScript 5, you could so something like this

The native method filter loops through our array, leaving only those entries that satisfy the function uniqueValues . This function checks if a value is first occurring, if it is, then it’s not a duplicated value.

The ES6 shortened version of this might be something like

The New Way

Why overcomplicating our code? Why writing a function we don’t need after all. ES6 doesn’t force us to use the filter method. Let’s use Set instead.

Same result, fewer lines of code and more clarity. Often times the best solution is hiding behind the corner.


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