Top 10 Node.js Frameworks For Web App Development in 2020-21

Sophia Martin
Sep 21 · 11 min read
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This is true that the market is rapidly growing with emerging technologies and advanced software. Different types of mobile apps are coded using multiple programming languages such as Android apps are built with Java, iOS apps are developed with Objective-c, Window apps use .NET and more. However, when it comes to developing web apps, JAVASCRIPT still remains one of the most prominent web technologies.

Every year, JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks are launched to make developers work easier but Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React are kept trending in the market for web app development. But, survey reports and statistics are revealing some other facts.

According to the Statista report, in early 2020, 51.4% of developers have used Node.js and leaving aside all the other frameworks.

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If you still in doubt, how Node.js has become an editor’s choice, then you need to know these facts and Stats:

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To wrap up all these facts and stats about Node.js, it is clear that this programming language is not going anywhere in the future and offering a great platform to develop web apps.

But if you are new to Node.js, then it is worth getting started with the brief of Node.js.

Understanding the Baseline About Node.Js

Node.Js is one of the most prominent open-source frameworks of JavaScript that provides a very strong platform to develop and operate web applications without any hassle. Since Node.js is a network of various libraries and tools, therefore, it makes it easier for developers to create server-side and networking applications. In addition, the server-side JavaScript framework is built on Google Chrome’s JS engine, therefore, applications developed with Node.Js can easily run on multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Some of the benefits of using Node.Js for your next web app development project:

  • Single codebase to overall enhance web app performance.
  • As Node.Js is loaded with V8 engines powered by Google which speed up any framework. This is why enterprises are looking to hire Node.Js development company.
  • Low learning curve and easy availability of dedicated Node.Js developers as this framework is based on JavaScript.
  • Node.Js offers long term constant support to the developers which help in developing and maintaining the app.

When It is Best to Hire Node.js Developers?

This is true that Node.Js is still preferred by 51.2% of developers but to leverage the maximum benefit of this programming language, you need to understand when it is best to use it.

Let’s learn when you should use Node.Js

Building Data Streaming Applications

If you are interested in developing the live streaming application like Netflix, then Node.Js can be the best choice of framework for you as it helps you build an app that processes stream media, data from multiple streams and file upload.

API Server

Since Node.Js can handle multiple servers, therefore, if you are interested in developing the single-page application using backend services then it is worth choosing Node.js.


Since Node.Js is a fast and lightweight technology which is a perfect fit for writing microservices. All you need is to hire a software developer.

However, to make web and mobile app development process simpler and straightforward, a broad choice of Node.Js frameworks have been developed. But now the central question is, which framework you should choose for your next project and when that technology is to be used?

Let’s learn about the popular Node.Js Frameworks and when it should be used:

10 Node.js Frameworks in 2020–21, and when they should be used

1. Express: Fast, Lightweight and Incredible Framework of Node.js

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When it comes to discussing the most popular Node.js frameworks, Express is the first choice of developers as it is loved and used by 73% of developers.

Express is one of the dynamic Node.Js Framework that provides complete flexibility and freedom to developers to customize the look and feel of the application.

Since it is lightweight, therefore, it’s incredibly fast and helps in directing servers and routers. In addition, this framework is ideal for single-page web applications, website or public HTTP APIs.

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Benefits of Express

  • Providing support for various plugins and extensions to boost its functionality
  • Seamless data integration
  • An easy learning curve for the developers already familiar with the Node.Js
  • URL-based routing mechanism using HTTP
  • Robust, Scalable and fully customizable
  • Comes with MVC that help in creating centric applications
  • Supports 14+ template engines and offers great performance

When To Use Express?

Express is well suited for all types of web and mobile app developments right from small to enterprise level. Since this framework of Node.Js is readily available for API generation, therefore, you can develop web apps faster with Express In addition, this framework comes with robust routing templating, security features and error handling provisions, so developers can easily use it for crafting enterprise-level or browser based applications.

2. Koa: A Next-Generation Framework of Node.Js

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Koa is another big server-side framework of Node.Js that enables you to design and develop a server-side application with the greater efficiency to handle errors. This framework offers so-called generators that help to avoid callbacks and normalizes the Node flaws constructively. With Koa you can manage various types of content with the same URL like translating a page, personalizing content in an eCommerce website, managing different formats for images and much more.

Benefits of Using Koa

  • High level of app customization is possible with Koa
  • Availability of ES6 Generator allows developers to avoid callbacks
  • Lightweight structure that ultimately boosts the app performance.
  • Ensuring a modular approach to develop complex web applications in an easy way.

When To Use Koa ?

When you are looking for the high performance web applications, then Koa is exactly what you need for the development. Koa integrates components like content negotiation, normalization of node discrepancies, redirection and more, therefore, handling big projects with Koa is far easier. Being one of the young frameworks, its community is still at the growing stage, but with the help of a reputed mobile app development company and experienced development team you can easily build extensive apps.

3. Hapi: Commercially Centered Server With Enhance Security Features

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Hapi is a commercially centred server and open-source framework that is widely used for web app development. The simple idea for developing this framework is to provide great development support for a large team that manages the multiple tasks simultaneously. Moreover, Hapi has rich and reliable security features therefore, many developers access this framework for developing proxy servers, REST APIs and other types of desktop applications. In addition, it has a wide choice of built-in plugins, you don’t need to worry about using any unofficial middleware.

Benefits of Using Hapi

  • Outstanding framework for large size and distributed teams.
  • Provide extensive support for the reusable components.
  • Offers support for amazing plugins.

When It Should Be Used?

When it comes to developing a secure, scalable, real-time and social media application, Hapi is the first choice of developers to build such applications.

4. Meteor: Single Code For Web and Mobile Web App Development

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Meteor is a full-stack framework of Node.Js that allows developers to build real-time web and mobile app applications to ensure flawless operations as it uses a single API for both front-end and the back-end development process. Meteor is a robust Node.Js framework, so it provides a heavy-duty web application development process as compared to Express Framework.

Benefits of Using Meteor

  • Same code support for different devices enhances the development efficiency of the software development company.
  • Less requirement of coding web and mobile applications
  • Easy to integrate with other programming languages including, Angular, React, Vue and more.
  • Lightweight architecture for ultimate app performance

When You Should Use Meteor?

When you need to develop both mobile and web apps, then Meteor is the perfect option as it is not only easy and simple to learn for JavaScript developers, but also this framework allows you to use the same code for writing both apps. The best part of this framework is you can deploy live updates even on the installed apps without disrupting an on-going user session.

5. Easy to Made Real-Time Chat Apps With This Framework

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Image for post is a full-stack framework that can be used by multiple programming languages. It offers a simple and straightforward API that easily works in harmony with almost every service. With its outstanding development speed and reliability, developers are really impressed with this framework.

Benefits of using

  • Offering real-time analytics
  • Binary streaming and easy socket management
  • Ability to tailor URL routing for web sockets
  • Auto error detection and correction

When should be used? is basically used to develop real-time applications like dashboard APIs, Score Tickers, Chatbots, video conferencing apps and more, where servers are required to push data without being requested from the client-side.

6. Sails: MVC Micro-Framework That Ensure Better Connectivity

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Sails is a popular MVC micro-framework that is built on Express and facilitates the wide range of websocket integration features as provides. Compatible with all leading databases including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more, Sails also supports all major frontend technologies including iOS, Angular, React and Android.

Benefits of using Sails

  • Automatic generation of REST-APIs
  • Support web socket
  • Hasslefree handling of HTTP requests
  • Easy integration of middleware

When Sails to be used?

Sails is widely used to develop highly customized chat apps and developers prefer to build enterprise-scale Node.js web app development solutions with this framework.

7. Full-Featured Backend Framework of Node.Js

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It is an extensive, full-featured backend framework of Node.Js that permits full freedom to developers to customize the apps’ codes with an easy and consistent manner. Most of the enterprises looking to hire web app developer as creating an app with this framework is not just super fast but also it offers secure authentication and permission settings.

Benefits of using

  • Offers support for multiple databases
  • Add-ons for file management and third party login
  • Structured codes and rich documentation for quick and hassle-free app development

When should be Used?

LoopBack can be used in both ways either to build rich end-to-end APIs and handling API requests or as an external API service to expedite the development process, boost security or enhance authentication of the app and more.

8. Nest: Perfect Framework to Develop Enterprise-Grade Web Applications

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When it comes to developing an enterprise-grade application, Nest can be the first choice of developers as it offers a complete development kit that supports a wide range of libraries and uses progressive JavaScript for the development.

Benefits of Using Nest

  • Low learning curve
  • Ensuring modular architecture for complete development flexibility
  • Offer dedicated setup for all kinds of application testing

When Nest Should be Used?

Being based on out-of-the-box architecture, it is best to use for developing reliable and highly scalable server-side applications which are easy to maintain.

9. Total: A Complete Feature Loaded Framework of Node.js

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As its name suggests, it is a complete fully featured and open-source Node.js framework that provides you with an array of supportive frameworks, that ensure robust, scalable and fast web app development process.

Benefits of Using Total

  • Fast development process and low maintenance cost
  • Easy API testing
  • Multiple-database compatibility

When you can use Total?

Since Total is a feature-rich complete framework, therefore it permits full freedom to customize and develop various types of apps including eCommerce web apps, cloud services, visual programming interfaces in the IoT and real-time collaboration among other things.

10. Adonis: Scalable Framework For Developing Server-side Applications

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Adonis is another MVC framework of Node.js that offers a steady ecosystem for writing scalable server-side applications. In addition, an official document of Adonis reveals that this framework can run on all major operating systems.

Benefits of using Adonis

  • Easy to learn and simple to access
  • A secure development platform
  • Less coding for writing web apps

When should Adonis be used?

The MVC structure of Adonis is similar to Laravel, though, developers familiar with Laravel can go easily with Adonis to develop real-time web applications.


To end this blog, it is worth mentioning that this is the list of popular Node.js frameworks that you can use for web app development in 2020–21. But, before proceeding to the next step, it is better to understand that the choice of best Node.Js framework is depending upon the kind of web app you are planning to develop.

In case, if you are left in any dilemma or confusion about which Node.js framework you should choose for your next project, then it is recommended to hire a web development company for the better suggestions and solutions. They will analyse your web app development needs and accordingly may assist you with a perfect option for the development that bridges a gap between your success and goals.

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New JavaScript + Web Development articles every day.

Sophia Martin

Written by

Tech Lead and Technical Content Writer — | Write on Trending Technology | Tech Geek, Passionate Writer, Business Consultant. 13+ Years of Experience.

JavaScript In Plain English

New JavaScript + Web Development articles every day.

Sophia Martin

Written by

Tech Lead and Technical Content Writer — | Write on Trending Technology | Tech Geek, Passionate Writer, Business Consultant. 13+ Years of Experience.

JavaScript In Plain English

New JavaScript + Web Development articles every day.

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