Top Angular Admin Templates in 2020

We understand you are here to research for the admin panel templates that will give you the best value for your project. So we are going to save you the hassles of reading through a lengthy introduction. We shall go straight to presenting an unbiased review of the top Angular Admin templates in the industry today.

The criteria for evaluating the admin panels are listed below. We streamlined these criteria after years of trial and error. The importance of these factors as benchmarks for admin template performance will be evident in the course of this review. These criteria are:

  • Design quality
  • Code quality
  • The installation procedure
  • Documentation
  • The number of unique pages
  • Frequency of update
  • Quality of Support
  • The Cost
  • Company Experience
  • The Clients

We have streamlined the list to the free and premium templates that we’ve tested. All of them contains dashboard, pages, alert boxes, icons, navigation schemes, tables, and graph/chart libraries. We believe these templates will give you the most suitable user interface for your project.

Sing App Angular

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Flatlogic, the developer of the Sing App Angular used Angular 5 and Bootstrap 4 to create this responsive template. It is packaged with lots of high-quality UI components, widgets, design elements, and pages. The Sing App Angular is an excellent tool for creating SaaS apps, web-based applications, CMS, dashboards, e-commerce applications, CRM, and lots more.

The design is dominated by light colors and standard fonts. It allows to create a decent interface that is perfect for an enterprise application where contemporary design trend is a must.

The developers update the code consistently, and it requires minimal external dependencies. The template has been tested extensively. The documentation is detailed. even has a quick start guide that walks you through the steps required to install the dashboard. The documentation contains a detailed explanation for all the structures and components.

With the Sing Admin Dashboard, you have access to over 30 pages and even more components. There are also analytics charts, email templates, and chat components, and a markdown editor. There are also dedicated pages for handling login, error, invoice, and calendar. The developer of this dashboard provides about one-two updates every month.

The cost of the Sing Admin Dashboard is $59. If you want an extended license, you may have to pay up to $449. The developer provides basic support for free and responds to support inquiries is typically within 24 hours.

In summary, this template is an excellent option if you want to jumpstart building a commercial application. The vast number of inbuilt components will expedite the process of application development. Moreover, given the extensive resource within this template, the price is reasonable, the same goes for the extended licenses.

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MDBootstrap Angular Admin Dashboard

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When it comes to a wide array of styles and data presentation, the MDBootstrap Angular admin dashboard has it all. It also contains a decent number of components as well. This template is developed with Angular CLI and Bootstrap 4. It is available under the MIT license, which allows you to use it for personal and commercial applications absolutely free.

MDBootstrap is a responsible template, thanks to the Bootstrap components built into the design. The interface is similar to Google tools, it allows you to view your data clearly. Besides, the style makes it easy to use, even for a first timer. Every single information is easy to follow and links to the right category.

The code is clean, and the design is excellent as well. The developers did a complete rewrite of the Bootstrap script in plain TypeScript and finally compiled to Javascript. This version of the Admin Dashboard does not use jQuery.

The template is available for direct download, you can simply extract the folder and start working with the template immediately after downloading it. You will be able to access over 400 material design UI elements, more than 600 icons, and 74 CSS-based animations.

The template has detailed documentation which gives a thorough description of every component. The project rolls out about 1–2 updates every month.

The developer has a knowledgebase resource where the user can access answers to most support questions. This admin dashboard also has an active community where users can get help. If you purchase a commercial license, you will have access to free support.

Although the program is free for personal use, it offers a series of commercial license that ranges from €79 to €149.

Summarily, the quality of the template is excellent, and the experienced team behind the product updates it actively. The quality of support available through the knowledge base and the community is good, at least for an MIT-licensed product.

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AdminPro Angular 7 Admin

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The AdminPro Angular template is perfect for admin dashboards as well as admin panels. This admin panel presents the user with the unique advantage of multiple design options. The dashboard can be set to modern, classic, or analytical display options. The layout of the dashboard is also customizable. You can choose between dark, horizontal, and even RTL layout. The design is modern, but it is not on the edgy side.

The template is created with Sass, Angular 7, and NgBootstrap 4x, which makes it easily customizable. The only aspect that seems challenging is Angular 7, which is a very recent update. The template is delivered as an app, ready to be deployed.

AdminPRo Angular contained more than 30 Angular Components which are ready to use. It also has a collection of unique dashboards, five different demos, and many tables, charts, and form options.

This template does not have a public Github repository, and there is no information regarding how frequently the developer releases updates for the project.

Details from the website claim the developer provides one-year dedicated support for free. Perhaps the support media will be through email or live chat for the basic versions, but there is no information regarding the response time.

This price of this admin panel ranges from $29 for single use up to $399 for the extended license. The multiple use licenses cost $69 and $999 for the extended license. The developer provides one-year support and lifetime updates for every license you buy.

The admin panel is listed in the Wrap Pixel marketplace, this makes it difficult to get information about the creators and clients. However, considering the reputation of WrapPixel, we believe this admin panel is reliable. Moreover, it has been downloaded more than 38,000 times, which proves that it has a decent userbase.

This project is perfect for those who want to have options for layout. It supports the users in the countries that use the RTL layout.

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Light Blue Angular

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The light Blue Angular is a responsive template with a modern, sleek, and simple interface. This multi-functional admin template has a flexible design and responsive, which allows it to adapt perfectly to any screen size. The template is simple and non-intrusive. It has a Node,js backend to enhance your development process and makes use of Server Side Rendering for SEO.

The procedure for installing the dashboard is easy with yarn. The commands are: Run yarn install and Run yarn start. After that, you need to type two npm commands: yarn run build and yarn run lint. The “yarn run lint” will help check the source code for syntax error and other possible issues when you are building the app without running on a development server.

With this dashboard, you will have access to over 30 pages. You will also receive 1–2 updates every month. It has detailed documentation where every component is described.

The pricing structure starts at $59 for a single license and $499 for an extended license. Each license comes with basic support, which is free forever. You can also choose to buy the extended support package, which goes for $99 for six months. The company also provides additional customization and integration service as well.

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CoreUI Angular

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Angular and Bootstrap 4 are the core components of the CoreUI admin template. Although this template is described as open source, the features available in the free version is quite limited.

The template has a decent design, which makes it perfect for enterprise applications. You can change the layout between light and dark themes. The developer of this template has also created lots of high-quality icons and flags.

All the components are well documented, but the arrangement is not well structured, and there are a couple of 404 errors here and there.

The developer website claims that there are more than 50 components in the project, which include editors, charts, tables, widgets, and many more. One of the advantages of this product is that the user community can contribute to the opensource version of the template.

The company provides free support through a support form on their website. They also promise to respond to support requests within 48 hours.

The developer offers a wide range of licenses ranging from $69 to $699. You have the option of purchasing the entire framework for $999, in addition to a monthly subscription of $69 per seat.

The company was established in 2013 and has been developing admin templates since that time. The users of the CoreUI admin template include DHL and OLX among many others.

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Angular Material Admin

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Angular Material Admin Template is built with the Angular 8 and Material design. Nether jQuery nor Bootstrap was used. What’s interesting is that the template is created with TypeScript, an open-source programming language developed by Microsoft.

The Admin Template can be used for creating data visualization apps, CMS, SAAS, and project management tools because it contains dashboards, tables, charts, maps, and graphics for data visualization. Discreet design and a moderate quantity of UI elements make this template easy and not overwhelming.

If you are looking for something clear, concise, and functional, choosing Angular Material Admin Template you can’t go wrong.

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Akveo NGX Admin

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Given the over 15,000 stars this project has on GitHub, the Akveo NGX Admin is one of the most popular Angular project at this time. The project has dozens of general purpose components that are compiled in a different package known as Nebular which can be installed through npm. There is comprehensive documentation for this project, and support is available through the project community on GitHub. The Akveo team maintains the projects and rolls out updates regularly. The template is shipped with three eye-catching visual themes, which are: corporate, light, and cosmic themes. It has over 40 pages and two dashboards.

The Ngx-admin team has an excellent reputation in the Angular community. The team actively collaborate with the Angular team and often publish posts on the Angular blog. Because the project is available under the MIT license, it is entirely free for both personal and commercial use.

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CreativeIT Material Angular Dashboard

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The CreativeIT dashboard presents the user with a classic dark Material Design. It makes use of the Angular Framework, it is responsive and displays well across multiple devices. It is absolutely free for both commercial and private use.

The dashboard can be installed through the package manager, and the procedure is well documented. However, it seems there is no other documentation besides that of the installation process.

This utility can cut down the time you spend on development substantially. It has 40 widgets which are ready to use, as well as several components and pages. We cannot ascertain how often this project roll out updates because it is relatively new.

This admin panel is opensource and free to use. The developers provide support through GitHub issues. The company was established in 2016, and this project is the first dashboard it has developed at this time.

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Angular Admin Template by Angular Templates IO

This template is based on the latest version of Angular, HTML5, and CSS3. It contains all the components that you need for a development project. It also has detailed documentation that shows you how to start using it immediately.

Although the design is clean, the developers are not really good when it comes to the choice of colors, but the charts are fantastic.

You are required to download the zip file and set up the development environment to start using this template. So you will have to install npm and Angular command terminals. You can access the installation procedure and other guidelines in the dashboard documentation. Other useful sections of the documentation include “changelog,” “known issues,” and “upcoming features.” This gives us the impression that the project is in active development.

The dashboard contains over 30 components, and updates are rolled out once in a month. The developers offer free support through email and also provide many tutorials as well. The price range for this dashboard starts at $30 per license and $99 for an extended license.

The company that developed this template is relatively new in the industry, so we do not have information about its customer base or the number of product downloads.

This template is excellent for those who will like to experiment with colors. But you should be aware that projects with critical deadlines do not have time for design experiments.

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The Summary and Conclusion

The angular admin templates marketplace is quite competitive with tons of products from developers around the world. Some companies sell their templates in marketplaces while others prefer to sell from their own e-commerce website. It is essential to choose the right admin panel to develop enterprise applications for large companies. You should look out for an admin panel that has a decent design, proper documentation, a track record of customer patronage, and fast response time from support.

If you are new to Angular development, you should start with the open source version to get your feet wet.

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