Top JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2020

As quick as it was here, 2019 is going away. Today I will be discussing the top JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2020 to take your game to a whole another level

Aditya Prakash
Nov 30 · 4 min read

The programming scenario is ever-changing, and that is true for JavaScript as well. To survive in this cut-throat competition, step up your game with the big three of JavaScript mythology.


Express is a lightweight, minimalist framework for JavaScript. Most JavaScript developers prefer Node.js purely for its speed, and what’s a better way to compliment it than by using Express? Express can create your applications without any fuss and it does not have a steep learning curve either. Even though Express is unopinionated, you can get express-generator to get the balls rolling.

A big, big plus point of using express is databases. Since it is a minimalistic framework, express doesn’t really lean towards a particular database and hence, you can install either MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or whatever you want. All you need to do is install the driver with npm install and you are good to go!

Plus, I am a bit biased towards express. Since it was the first framework I ever learned, express holds a special place in my heart.


React is another famous framework, based on “Reactive Programming”. Of course, to master react, you will need to learn a lot of other technologies, such as Redux, MobX, Fluxy, Fluxible, or RefluxJS. React can also be used with jQuery AJAX, fetch API, Superagent, and Axios. React also introduced Suspense to improve the developer’s experience when handling asynchronous data fetching in React apps. In short, the new update to Suspense lets the component wait until a condition is met.

React also introduced objects, like state and props. With the state and props objects, you can simply pass data from a component to the layout or from a parent component to a child component.

React currently is one of the most popular frameworks out there, and it is normally the first choice.


Ok, I will go with an unconventional choice for my spot #3. Meteor is downright interesting framework once you really get into it. It has had its fair share of problems, yes, but so have other frameworks! Here is a fun blog I came across that I will recommend everyone to read.

Meteor has over 40k stars on Github, which is no mean feat. It comes with a “constant testing tool” which undoubtedly improves efficiency of the coder.

Source: Google Trends

This is the graph of interest over time in meteor.js, some of the hype has died, yes, but it still stands proud! I will definitely recommend learning meteor.js, as it can be a really powerful framework.

These are not the only ones useful in 2020, but there are a ton of other frameworks as well, such as Koa, Vue, Angular etc. I compiled this small list purely based on my own opinion. I will sign off by saying what I always say.

You don’t really need to stick religiously with a framework or a language. A good programmer adapts to the situation in front of him, and if it involves using a new technology to tackle it, he shall do so.

I also did a Node.js vs Ruby comparison a couple of months back. You can check that out as well.

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JavaScript in Plain English

Learn the web's most important programming language.