Top JavaScript GitHub Repos

John Au-Yeung
Apr 3 · 4 min read
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Many JavaScript libraries and frameworks are hosted on Github.

In this article, we’ll look at the top libraries and frameworks on Github we can potentially use now or later.


Vue.js is a great front end framework that’s known to be easy to use. It features TypeScript support and pairs great with Vue Router for routing and Vuex state management.

It’s getting more and more popular by the day. The popularity is driven by its progressiveness and ease of use.

It can be included with a script tag or we can make a new Vue project with Vue CLI.


React is a library that’s one of the most popular of its kind. It’s used by many companies for their enterprise apps, whether the enterprise is big and small.

It also has a big ecosystem of libraries built in around it, like React Redux for state management, React Bootstrap for styling React apps.


React Native is used for building mobile apps. It makes mobile development easy by writing JavaScript code like we do with normal front end web apps, but the code compiles to native code, which runs with native performance.


Font Awesome is a great library that includes lots of icons. It includes icons companies and also generic icons for things like pencils and x’s.


Create React App is a program that comes as a Node package to let us create new React app projects.

It makes creating React projects a lot easier than creating one from scratch. It sets up Babel, TypeScript, and install all the required packages for us in no time.

Also, it creates a Git repository that we can push without running any commands on our own.


This is the repository for the Node.js runtime environment that’s used in many places.

It’s updated constantly with new features and is propagated to web hosts and servers everywhere.


jQuery is still being used in a lot of web apps. So this repo is still being maintained constantly.

This is the library for manipulating the DOM easily before we have all these great frameworks to do this.

Lots of functionality can now be replaced with their equivalents in plain JavaScript. Styling can be done with CSS and the class list API, and animation are now part of JavaScript’ standard library.


Axios is a JavaScript HTTP client that’s used in a lot of apps. It’s great before the Fetch API was incorporated into the standard library of JavaScript.

However, now we may be able to eliminate this library as the Fetch API is available in most modern browsers for making HTTP requests.


Atom is a text editor that lets us editor code files easily. It provides standard syntax highlighting and code file management.

It’s cross-platform since it’s made with Electron, which is derived from code for building this text editor.

The text editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


3.js is a great JavaScript library for creating 3D objects. It uses WebGL to create new 3D objects.

We can use it to create 3D objects with many features included like various effects, add and remove scenes, various camera angles, animation, shading, many kinds of geometric shapes and more.


Redux is a state management solution for any JavaScript apps. However, it’s often paired with React-Redux so that it can used as a state management solution for React apps.

React apps needs some state management solutions to share data, and Redux with React-Redux is one of the most popular choices.

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash


Webpack is a very popular module bundler for JavaScript modules. It’s used by many frameworks command-line tools like Create React App, Vue CLI, and Angular CLI for building JavaScript code into minified bundles.

Configuring Webpack manually is hard, so those frameworks tools did all that for us.

socketio/ is a great library for adding real-time communication into our JavaScript apps.

It includes both a client and server package so that they can talk to each other in real-time. uses both WebSockets and HTTP for communication.


Lots of JavaScript Github repos are things that are worth learning. They are popular because they’re used everywhere.

They float to the top on Github so we know what’s hot and what’s not.

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