How To Translate Dynamic Strings In Angular 10

Nov 6 · 2 min read
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I am using some dynamic values to create a string and sending that to sweetalert2 configuration.

There are a lot of ways we can translate the title text before passing to sweetalert2 but it is getting difficult when we have dynamic values in the title itself.

I have added the below solution which solves our issue.

Let’s say in our component we have the following status and amount coming dynamically and we want to translate that values before sending to the configurations method.

let status = '';
switch (action?.innerText) {
case 'Accept': {
status = 'status_accepted';
case 'Approve': {
status = 'status_approve';
case 'Delete': {
status = 'status_delete';
case 'Reject': {
status = 'status_rejected';

//You have ${status} a Request for $${}
let transalteTitle;
this.translate.get(status).pipe(switchMap(translatedStatus =>
this.translate.get('title', {
status: translatedStatus, val:
}))).subcribe(translatedTilte => {
const configval = {
title: transalteTitle,
text: 'Do you want to continue?',
showCancelButton: true,
icon: 'warning',
confirmButtonText: 'YES',
cancelButtonText: 'NO'

That’s it. Just add values in JSON as a parameter and it will translate our title.

"title": "You have ${status} a Request for ${val}"
"status_accepted": "accepeted",
"status_rejected": "rejected"
}`enter code here`

Now the question is what if we want to translate sweetlert2 configuration values too? I will add my solution here shortly.

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