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JavaScript is a Dysfunctional Programming Language

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  • the diminished reliability of the software as it grows so big that JavaScript’s lack of discipline interferes with the ability to ferret out defects and prove program correctness
  • the difficulty of delivering software on time and on budget because the language imposes an unpleasant cognitive burden and slows down the programmer’s pace of work (a scientific study has shown JavaScript to be one of the least productive languages in IT, well behind C++, Java, and C#)

We are like Samson pushing back on the spurious promises of JavaScript, the lie that has beguiled a generation of naive developers. How do you counter so many foolish minds?

There’s no denying that JavaScript is very useful. Many modest-size applications have been written. The area where I am most concerned with is in software engineering at scale…applications that are many tens of thousands of lines of code (or LOC) long.

JavaScript Non Grata

Just say no to this abomination

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