Most Popular JavaScript Articles for the Week — June 15, 2017

John Hannah
Jun 15, 2017 · 3 min read

Last week we kicked off this series on the most popular JavaScript articles from the past week. As a reminder, these articles are ones that have been shared on the JavaScript Report site as well as our Twitter feed. The popularity of the articles is determined by analytics from both Twitter and Buffer.

The big article this week is from Steven Poulton (@CalinLeafshade) on why he chose to use React instead of Vue. One of the points he makes is that Vue uses a templating language which adds to the mental load needed to work with the framework. It reminded me of a recent clip on Fun Fun Function — definitely worth checking out.

Now for this week’s most popular JavaScript posts according to Twitter…

Why I Chose React Over Vue

Have you noticed my overly diplomatic title? It’s an attempt to frame this conversation in terms of what I prefer rather than what I believe to be objectively better in hope of diverting a flame war. I imagine it will not work.

Writing a Node.js Module in TypeScript

One of the best things about Node.js is its massive module ecosystem. With bundlers like webpack we can leverage these even in the browser outside of Node.js. Let’s look at how we can build a module with TypeScript usable by both JavaScript developers and TypeScript developers.

React State vs. Redux State: When and Why?

Just about any app you write needs a way to manage state. Redux manages state and state transformations and is often used with React, but React has its own concept of state. When using these libraries, it’s good to know which to use when. Even if you choose to use Redux in your project, you will still need to make decisions on how much of your data is stored in Redux.

JavaScript’s New #private Class Fields

Private class fields are now at Stage 2 in the JavaScript standard process. It’s not finalized yet, but the JavaScript standards committee expects the feature to be developed and eventually included in the standard (although it may still change). The syntax (currently) looks like this…

Spellbook of Modern Web Dev — A Big Picture Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development

This document originated from a bunch of most commonly used links and learning resources I sent to every new web developer on our full-stack web development team. For each problem domain and each technology, I try my best to pick only one or a few links that are most important, typical, common or popular and not outdated, base on the clear trends, public data and empirical observation.


If you’d like to see all the curated articles from the last week, you can find them on the JavaScript Report site. There is an option there to have this list sent weekly via email. You can also see all of our posts by following on Twitter.

Until next time, cheers!

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