Most Popular JavaScript Articles for the Week — June 8, 2017

John Hannah
Jun 8, 2017 · 3 min read

Before we jump straight into the most popular posts from the past week, a quick explanation. These articles are ones that have been shared on the JavaScript Report site as well as our Twitter feed. The popularity of the articles is determined by analytics from both Twitter and Buffer.

Without further ado, here are the five most popular posts from the past week. They are listed in descending order of popularity (most popular at top) with a brief excerpt after the title.

Basic Node.js Debugging in Google Chrome

Hi! To debug Node.js in Chrome you need:

  • Node (v6.3.0+ required)
  • Chrome (v55+ required)

Surprised? We need some playground script as well. Let’s build something extremely useful. How many times have you had a great idea for what to cook for dinner, but struggled to decide what to drink with it? This simple script will give you suggestions for the best beer to drink with your meal based on your food input.

Picking the Best JS Engine for your Node App’s Performance

Node.js is evolving right now. The recent Node.js version 8 (not to be mistaken with V8, the JavaScript engine) has just been published. In the meanwhile, the ChakraCore based version of Node.js is in active development.

As the future of Node.js stands in JavaScript engine agnosticism, one can legitimately wonder how the different engines compete in term of performance.

How to Build a Simple App with Firebase and React

Let’s take a look at building something using Firebase and React. We’ll be building something called Fun Food Friends, a web application for planning your next potluck, which hopefully feels like something rather “real world”, in that you can imagine using these technologies in your own production projects.

Building a Tutorial Search App with Vue

Today we’ll build an application using VueJS, but we can’t just do a todo app as is custom (that’s already been done anyway). I needed to show you something that was a bit more complicated, so I’ve devised this application that shows a paginated list of items (tutorials in this case, but it can easily be retrofitted with other data types) that can be filtered by a search bar or some radio options.

Node.js + MySQL Example: Handling 100’s of GigaBytes of Data

Through this Node.js & MySQL example project, we will take a look at how you can efficiently handle billions of rows that take up hundreds of gigabytes of storage space. My secondary goal with this article is to help you decide if Node.js + MySQL is a good fit for your needs, and to provide help with implementing such a solution.

Honorable Mentions

There are a couple other articles that didn’t make the top five this week but are quite good/useful and worth reading.

Classes, Complexity, and Functional Programming by Kent C. Dodds

React Router 4 Gotchas by Djoe Pramono


If you’d like to see all the curated articles from the last week, you can find them on the JavaScript Report site. There is an option there to have this list sent weekly via email. You can also see all of our posts by following on Twitter.

Until next time, cheers!

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