Debugging NodeJS with Atom Editor

Will Medina
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2 min readAug 5, 2016


After looking for a while for a node debugger on existing atom packages, just decided to create it myself xatom-debug. I have used other code editors but I always end using atom it is simple, quick and hackable. there is a great dedicated community of package creators.

XAtom Debug

This package is a integrated client which uses the V8 Debugging Protocol for NodeJS, and the Chrome Debugging Protocol for the browser. the current version does not support source-maps but I am looking forward to add that feature in a near future.


Install XAtom Debug with the following command:

apm install xatom-debug

Optionally you may want to use xatom-ui and xatom-syntax so the complete command would be:

apm install xatom-debug xatom-ui xatom-syntax


  • In Atom editor quick breakpoints. Simply open the file and click on the line number to toggle the breakpoint.
  • Open file reference on the line where it did break from the debug console by just clicking on the file path.
  • REPL: use the console to enter the text to evaluate on the current frame or double-click a word in the editor.
  • Schemes configurator by project. using the scheme editor you can specify wherever you want to run from a remote or specific target script.
  • And much more :)


  • Add action key bindings
  • Improve console
  • Adding watchers, backtraces, etc.
  • Add Chrome debugger sourcemap support


This package is under development please use the following link: Atom Bugs Issues to report issues, ask questions or improvements.

Originally published at on August 5, 2016.



Will Medina
JavaScript Tales

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