Beginner’s guide to Webpack

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Or what I wish I knew when starting with Wepback.

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Webpack is the latest and greatest in front-end development tools. It is a module bundler that works great with the most modern of front-end workflows including Babel, ReactJS, CommonJS, among others. As a beginner to Webpack, this is what I have learned.

This tutorial has been updated to use Babel 6

Getting Started

Webpack Conventions

  1. Webpack works best with NPM, not Bower
  2. Uses a module system (AMD, CommonJS, ES6)

Installing Webpack globally:

npm install webpack -g

The most basic of builds:

In your root directory create 2 files: index.html & app.js

In app.js:

document.write('welcome to my app');console.log('app loaded');

In index.html:

<script src="bundle.js"></script>

Open your console, and run:

webpack ./app.js bundle.js

The above command uses the webpack command (webpack) to reference our app file (./app.js) and the last argument is the name of the file that we want Webpack to create for us (bundle.js).

The above command should have created a file called bundle.js that is our first Webpack bundle! Easy huh?

Defining a config file

A configuration file in Webpack is basically a common.js module. The config file is a place to put all of your configuration, loaders (explained later), and other specific information relating to your build.

In your root directory, create a file called webpack.config.js, and add the following code:

module.exports = {
entry: "./app.js",
output: {
filename: "bundle.js"

entry — name of the top level file or set of files that we want to include in our build, can be a single file or an array of files. In our build, we only pass in our main file (app.js).



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