JavaScript Weekend List #11

There were not as many updates this week. Everyone is enjoying the summer 🌤. As promised, I’m exploring GraphQL as my go-to API platform, but before jumping 100%, I decided to build a simple REST API with Express.js (it’s actually fun).

Here some of the updates:

1. How to GraphQL (The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL)

Guys behind one of my favorite services ( put together this awesome guide. It’s an interactive GraphQL tutorial — pretty awesome 👏🏻.

2. Universal Now: Now, on Every Cloud

Zeit guys don’t stop. They just open sourced their “now” deployment API and we can use it to deploy Node apps to AWS or Google cloud. It’s on my to-do list to try.

3. Webpack Academy

Webpack is one of the (if not the) most popular bundlers and build tools for JavaScript projects. It’s very powerful and has lots of flexibility, the only downside of webpack is — its learning curve. The course created by Sean T. Larkin (webpack core team member).

4. How to write beautiful Node.js APIs using async/await and the Firebase Database

Back to API topic. Another alternative to REST or GraphQL is Firebase, which a database service provided by Google. Combining Node and Firebase is very powerful.

5. How Uber Uses JavaScript and Node.js

Tweet of the week (relatable)

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