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Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is the Most Added Song In US Radio History

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Releases ‘Daffodil’ and takes you on a whimsical journey of self-discovery

(photo above)

Daffodil is a straight-up indie rock track a la the Strokes with an ethereal and earthy melody that starts off intimate and dreamlike and explodes into pure Britpop-tinged melodic goodness. Musically inspired by the interlocking guitars of the Strokes and the melodic and harmonic leanings of britpop bands the likes of Oasis, combined with a powerful bass line and an assortment of vibey drum loops and punchy raw drums, Daffodil is a song that entices the listener throughout its peaks and valleys and takes you on a whimsical journey of self-discovery. <more>

Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is the Most Added Song In US Radio History

Adele’s “Easy on Me” is breaking radio records along with streaming records.

The single has set new first-day streaming records for both Spotify and YouTube. But it’s also breaking U.S. radio history to become the most played song during its first week of release. The song is also the most-added song in the history of Mediabase. A total of 451 stations added the song to their playlists the week it released.

“Easy on Me” became the first song to be the most-added at five different formats in a single week to achieve that goal. Those formats include Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Hot AC, Adult Album Alternative, and R&B.

The single was added to every reporting station in the Top 40 and Hot AC formats. That helped the single become the first-ever to be certified for earning the #1 spin gain across five formats in a single week.

Photo by Andreas Kruck on Unsplash

New York City Says Goodbye to Its Last Country Music Radio Station

The last country music radio station in New York City is no more.

Audacy Inc. has converted WNSH-FM 94.7 is now branded ‘The Block.’ It’s described as New York’s #1 for throwbacks — music from the early ’90s a la Hot 97. “From the Apollo Theater to Lincoln Center, everyone is listening,” says a one-liner promotional for the radio station.

The Block will offer songs and artists that are synonymous with New York’s iconic hip-hop culture and that still strongly resonate with listeners today across all generations,” says Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for Audacy in New York.

“This was an opportunity to add a quintessential New York sound to our audio portfolio that has been missing in the area, while at the same time continuing to engage with our New York country audience through HD and digital platforms,” Oliviero adds. <more>

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

Spotify Free Users Are Growing Faster Than Paid Subscribers — But Why?

Spotify has placed significant bets on drawing a massive listening audience with exclusive podcasts. In fact, podcasts may be a bigger focus for Spotify than music streaming. One reason for this: Spotify is currently building up ad-targeting tools for podcasts that serve up more revenue than music listeners streaming their favorite songs.

Overall, that total number of listeners using the Spotify platform is expected to increase 10.1% this year. Spotify is expected to surpass 83.1 million monthly users, making it the most popular audio streaming service in the United States. For the first time, Spotify is expected to reach 30% of US internet users in 2022.

Commercials have become a part of every day life online and with all inclusive data plans available to everyone, there isn’t enough in the spotifys current offering to make the move to Spotify paid worth the cash for non-industry music listeners.

Plus, “The rise of podcast listening on Spotify is causing ad-supported listeners to increase as a percentage of total Spotify listeners,” the report concludes. “As this trend continues, there will be just about the same number of ad-supported listeners as Premium subscribers by 2025.”

Indie Music News

Dan Hochman sings about the changing seasons of life on single ‘Passing by’

This song is about the changing seasons, but also the changing seasons of life. You were dreaming about summer when it snows, and chasing a high moment when you’re stuck in a low. In reality, there’s beauty in it all. <more>

River by Jules Schroeder encourages you to tackle your struggles by purging the old

The New Album Vancouver by @julesschroeder7 is a Journey in Finding Your Purpose. A blend of soul, roots, and folk combining horns, strings, and various other sounds, Vancouver features over 22 different artists. <more>

Chanidu talks about the evil that most people experience on ‘Devil’s hand in’

Pop Rock single ‘Devil’s hand in’ by New Jersey artist, Chanidu talks about the evil that most people experience in life through man, nature, or supernatural forces. Sometimes they make us stronger and better after surviving the toughest challenges. <more>

New Single The Light by Cabela and Schmitt is full of the living

‘The Light’ is the 10th single of 2021 as we are conquering our goals for this year. Those who listen to us and follow us know better than to anticipate what a new song may sound like. We receive inspiration and do our best to relay them as we hear them without worrying whether we are following some agenda to fit in with what is going on in the music industry. We understand that not everyone will always like what we do, but we are hopeful that something we create could turn them around.


Waiting for Abbey Road by The Song Tailors is a song for these times

The newest single from The Song Tailors, sung by Muireann McDonnell is a true story and a reflection on this time in our history. ‘Waiting for Abbey Road’ is a song for these times. It was written at the height of the pandemic and is more relevant today than ever as the world grapples with the ongoing disruption caused by the pandemic.

Dark and Salty Playlist has been updated with New music @njordlyd @thefoolsagenda

Njordlyd ‘Subconsciously’ is an experience of the senses

The definition of perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. In this case, related to how people perceive and interpret music in different ways. I am starting more and more to believe that my music is about “perception”, especially because it is something that I honestly do not fully know what it is, besides something that enables the listeners to hear it and notice or become aware of something, through the senses. A sort of sensory experience where the “something” can be anything (to a certain extent). <more>

NEW Single ‘Tell Me a Lie’ by @thefoolsagenda was born out of the pandemic. From their 4th album. <more>

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