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Jax Daily New Music Friday May 2022

Discover what’s new on the Hot new music 2022 playlist podcast

Today’s episode listen to New Music Release Radar Unfiltered Music Spotify Podcast with Jacqueline Jax.

This spotify music podcast episode features a lot of rock punk vibes, some new pop music releases and songwriter selections. Update your summer spotify playlist with some new music arrivals. <here>

Listen on Podcast:

The 100 | Fresh New Indie Songs

The indie music scene is overflowing with fresh new music, follow our daily updates to discover what’s happening on the Indie Music Scene. Curated by Jacqueline Jax .

Featured Artists

Voice of Addiction : Shinigami

A powerful upbeat punk rock single that will surprise you from a new chicago based band that you’ll get addicted to. @VOArockers <Spotify>

Greg Hoy: Jet Black ,Get back

Greg Hoy and The Boys Releases ‘Jet Black, Get Back!’ Lead Single on New Album <Spotify>

Coffin Society: Honest/You’

There’s a secret message in this single, see if you can figure it out. <Spotify>

USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker): Never Stop

USS and Hockey came together to create something special. Listen to Never Stop, our latest single and the new theme song for the NHL on Sportsnet. @USSMUSIC <Spotify>

Sleepy Soul : A Wash

This fresh single is whimsical and inspiring, with a gentle message of encouragement to make your own way and take your time. <Spotify>

Kakkmaddafakka : Sixth Gear

Sixth Gear has a nostalgic feel with nodes to the Cars, Billy idol and the Go Gos. It’s a fun upbeat catchy single for Summer road trips. @kakkmaddafakka <Spotify>

Almost Monday : Sunburn

A fun summer single that reminisces on fun times and a summer romance past. <Spotify>

Living Waters: Do What He Tells You to Do.

This song just gives off the strongest classic rock vibes with nostalgic tones you’ll never forget. <Spotify>

Kind of a Time : Cabela and Schmitt

Their newest single that brings a vibe to your pre-summer playlist. <Spotify>

Winter Havens: Girl Go Crazy

This artist from Winter Haven Florida has an incredible story that certainly influences his music. <Spotify>

Sofía Valdés : Carbon Copy

Panamá’s New Pop Girl Who Started Her Career During the Pandemic <Spotify>




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