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Change the world by donating to JaxCorp DAO

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

DAOs have given a common man the promise of freedom to do whatever they want with their money, eliminating numerous barriers to entry. On the other hand, they offered the rich a perfect instrument for restoring the income balance by donating the excess funds. JaxCorp DAO made conquering inequality one of its core milestones on the way to moving humankind towards a better tomorrow.

Fighting inequality

The world is witnessing major inequality between people. Interestingly, technological and social circumstances are at their peaks though. So we hold all the cards now but still struggle to make ends meet. Only one choice keeps us away from creating a happier nation.

If only people decided to transact and get paid in JAX, they would automatically fund the UBI program and end inequality at no time. Universal basic income (UBI) has been a hot topic for the past few decades but only JaxCorp DAO has taken a sustainable approach. We have not only built an ecosystem that brings a stable currency based on energy but paved the way for numerous incentives, including UBI.

Zero risk, zero technical knowledge, zero opportunities to misbehave. Everyone is welcome to join our UBI program and receive a lifetime income paid out automatically by a smart contract. You are just a few steps away from enrolling for a UBI payout, so it’s widely accessible to everyone no matter where they come from or what education they have. On top of that, the transparent nature of blockchain technology and smart contracts ensure that donors can check who receives the funds.

Future is now

We can spend years talking about the need to end inequality or we can try to do something now, for example, donate funds to the UBI program. Indeed, it’s an experiment because nobody has done anything like this before. However, if there is a good chance it can succeed, especially when the underlying blockchain tech is already disrupting the IT, supply chain, and real estate sectors to name a few, it seems like a fair bet.

UBI can cover millions of people, who are financially excluded from the system simply due to the lack of proper infrastructure. Our program requires only a mobile phone or computer with a stable Internet connection. The influence of UBI can have a dramatic impact on the development of humans as a species. Once more people get a chance to work on things they are excited about, we should witness a massive boom of innovations in absolutely every sector.

If our ideas resonate with you and you would like to become a part of a life-changing movement, you should donate funds to the UBI program. Disbalance in the universe is what causes problems, wars, and pandemics. A brighter tomorrow lies in collaboration, innovation, and selflessness. We give you a unique chance to do a good deed and go down the history books as a UBI donor of a new happier future for entire humankind!


You can make the world a better place already today by donating funds to JaxCorp DAO and transacting in JAX! The future is now and you are its integral part!

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