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Jax.Network at the 7th Hackers Congress, Prague

Between October 2–4, our team attended the 7th Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis (HCPP) held in Prague, and now we’re ready to share a brief summary with our audience.

The primary goal of our participation was to engage informally with the crypto community and talk about scaling solutions for a global cryptocurrency.

The roots of the venue Paralelni Polis

One cannot get a feel of the event if nothing is said about the philosophy behind Paralelni Polis. The concept is rooted in some historical movement that can be traced back to socialist Czechoslovakia. In the late 1970s, a sub-culture and societal movement emerged as an alternative political order from the planned economy and the totalitarian state.

Paralelni Polis façade during HCPP

Behind the walls of the institute, the philosophy of total freedom of speech and of thoughts is widely promoted, as long as crypto remains the common denominator. The snake on the logo can also be seen as a reminiscence of the Gadsden flag, adopted by many libertarians. But it’s not verified and can only be our personal interpretation.

Living on bitcoin

The event was Bitcoin-centric, not only as a technical solution for online payments, but much more around the libertarian leanings towards greater freedom cryptocurrencies can provide. Ideas shared by a significant portion of the early Bitcoin adopters. Some of the participants did confirm they live exclusively on crypto.

At Paralelni Polis, you can pay in Bitcoin (also through lightning), Litecoin, or Monero all year round. Actually, this is the only means of payment and you have to swap fiat for cryptocurrencies if you want to consume at the café. During the conference, the same principles applied. Participants received a chip to buy food and drinks with cryptocurrencies. This chip was relayed with an NFC antenna in the perimeter in order to place your orders by just pushing a button. Although not the best for security, this is a great and simple way to get introduced to paying with cryptocurrencies.

Press red to pay with bitcoins or black for litecoins

Bitcoin as a way of life could have been the motto of the conference. And all the speeches were organized around this core principle.

From workshops to philosophical content

Our team couldn’t cover all the conferences, since there were 3 stages. One stage was dedicated to remote speakers, one for live conferences, and the last one dedicated to workshops. The latter could be divided into two broad categories: how to protect your privacy online, also while using Bitcoin or lightning network, and how to pay with them.

You get all the technical tips and best practices to handle cryptocurrencies privately. For instance, when a company has to make a payment to its employees through CoinJoin transactions to ensure privacy.

DIY multisig hardware wallet with Specter

The live and remote conferences were more oriented towards philosophical topics, from seasteading (people who decide to create autonomous communities on international waters to avoid nation-states’ laws and regulations) to civil disobedience in Honk-Kong or individual sovereignty. Alexander Bard gave a passionate speech on how new technologies challenge the hierarchical structure of society and why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be a tool to prevent corruption.

Alexander Bard on stage

Feedback for Jax.Network

During the event, our objective was not to challenge the mother of all cryptocurrencies but to better understand what drives the community of early adopters. Protection of privacy and individual liberties remain on top of the preoccupations. With this understanding and state of mind, it was easy to navigate the event and start a conversation.

As stated earlier, the main goal was to engage in offline and informal networking with humility. Our Chief Economist Lucas Leger connected with few developers and presented our scalability solution. If they seemed at first skeptical, knowing so many solutions have been offered in the past years, the fact that it was based on a PoW consensus algorithm picked their interest. They seem now eager to see more and wait for the Proof of Concept to be out and running.

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Jax.Network provides the technological infrastructure for a decentralized energy-standard monetary system. Our blockchain is anchored to the Bitcoin network and issues two digital currencies JAX and JXN.

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