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Jax.Network monthly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

The Jax.Network team has been quite busy lately as the date of our protocol launch comes closer. We not only added a few critical changes to our blockchain but also participated in a number of conferences around the world. Read the article to learn more about all our recent updates!

Jax.Network has been working intensively on improvements to our JaxNet protocol. During the last couple of weeks, our tech team has delivered the following:

1. Merge-mining has been improved, as we added the possibility to use the block candidates from other networks

2. Mining pool script has been moved to the final stage

3. Support indexes for the wallet have been optimized

4. Closed testing mode for the wallet has begun.

Apart from technical enhancements, we have also been working on new partnerships and private pre-sale investments. It’s also important to point out that our efforts have been noticed and caught the attention of popular crypto-focused news media outlets. More information about our progress will be added in the upcoming announcements on this Medium blog and our official social media accounts.

As you could have noticed, May and June have become pretty productive in all ways. Thanks to the preventive health measures adopted worldwide, we could finally get a chance to meet offline with our community and blockchain enthusiasts. Firstly, we co-organized BlockchainUA in Kyiv, then threw an Investors Dinner at AIBC Summit in Dubai, and visited Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. It was truly amazing to get offline and network with like-minded people!

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