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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

This week we focused on improving our products, new ways of raising funds, and enhancing future marketing campaigns. It’s worth to point out that PeaceWallet is already available for Android users in Google Play and iOS support is on the way. The rest of the products, including Jax.Money, are coming by the end of this month!

Technical updates

  1. Added minor patches to the iOS version of PeaceWallet.
  2. Published the Android version of PeaceWallet.
  3. Enhanced API for integration with external mining pools and overall network mining.
  4. Started to develop mining pool core software.

Marketing updates

  1. Visited Crypto Expo Dubai with the networking purposes
  2. Continued to supervise the bug bounty program
  3. Worked on written pieces of content for future releases
  4. Received the preliminary report from Certik.

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