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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

The summer has started with several major launches, including but not limited to Jax.Money and JaxCorp DAO. The UBI campaign is gaining momentum, with over 645 WJAX distributed so far. We expect this number to grow exponentially in the coming weeks, as our marketing campaign kicks off.

Tech updates

  1. Implemented and tested the next-gen stratum server
  2. Mined 8300 JAX in total
  3. Made a utility for merging small transaction outputs
  4. Optimized the internal server infrastructure drastically
  5. Deployed an isolated fork of the network to check for several new updates and tests
  6. Continued to work on the mining pool

Marketing updates

  1. Worked on increasing user adoption for UBI
  2. Distributed 645 WJAX (around $1290) to 129 people in the form of UBI
  3. Launched Jax.Money
  4. Got two press releases published
  5. Prepared several content pieces, including articles and press releases
  6. Got featured on Bitcoin Insider
  7. Launched bridges for the following pairs: JXN → WJXN, WJXN [BEP-20] <> WJXN [ERC-20]
  8. Applied for WJAX, JAXRE, JAXUD and WJXN-2 token updates on BscScan, Etherscan, Polygon and AVAX

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