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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

We are glad to finally unveil the partnership with Binance Pool, which has already integrated our merge-mining API into their infrastructure. That’s one of the major milestones but many more await us in the future! Stay tuned and hurry up to join the bug bounty program!

Technical updates

  1. Added some fixes to PeaceWallet
  2. Worked on explorer improvement
  3. Improved stability and security of the core client and added WIF private keys format as well as raw hex PK
  4. Covered critical parts of the mining infrastructure with automatic monitoring and balancing systems
  5. Deployed the production-grade secure API for merge-mining (mining infrastructure for JaxNet)
  6. Added the ‘long polling’ feature to the API
  7. Finished the process of integration into Binance Pool

Marketing updates

  1. Continued to work on the bug bounty program, which got a great response from the developer community
  2. Created and published several pieces of content for Medium blog
  3. Visited Crypto Oasis Genesis Night in Dubai
  4. Started the process of getting the CertiK KYC Badge

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