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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

This week, our JaxPool has been testing up to 1,250 Phash/s of hashrate at maximum and around 960 Phash/s of average hashrate per day. To put into perspective, the average hashrate of Bitcoin SV is only 568.87 Phash/s, which is nearly twice lower.

Tech updates

  1. Released a new version of JaxNet core v0.4.8
  2. Fixed validation of the SignatureScript in the BTC_AUX; now it works with taproot blocks
  3. Added witness addresses and UTXO support in txutils and txbuilder packages

Marketing updates

  1. Created content for internal and external platforms
  2. Continued to work on building up brand awareness via press releases
  3. Improving our social media strategy
  4. Regional brand building on Wikipedia in 3 different languages (Javanese, Albanian, and Catalan)

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