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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

One of the major achievements of the week is the fact that we have printed around 2000 JAX coins and will continue to do that with a greater speed. In addition, our marketing campaign has gradually started to be brought into motion with press releases popping up here and there. Stay tuned for more updates!

Technical updates

  1. Skated the mechanism of multi-transaction transactions
  2. Worked on the improvement of the JaxNet infrastructure
  3. Worked on an updated and optimized version of the stratum server for mining
  4. Printed around 2000 JAX coins

Marketing updates

  1. Added our HST and WJXN tokens to Azbit
  2. Received a CertiK KYC badge verifying the legitimacy of our team
  3. Created several pieces of video and written content
  4. Prepared a range of press releases
  5. Continued to work on the marketing plan for USDT staking

Don’t miss any announcement by subscribing to our social media accounts:

Official Website: https://jax.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CommunityJax

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Official Group: https://t.me/jax_chat

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jax-network/




Jax.Network provides the technological infrastructure for a decentralized energy-standard monetary system. Our blockchain is anchored to the Bitcoin network and issues two digital currencies JAX and JXN.

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