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Jax.Network weekly update

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

The marketing team is in the spotlight as our tech team continues to work on critical blockchain improvements. This week we saw a spike in interest regarding our UBI program and an increase in our total social media capital to 46,700 followers.

Marketing updates

  1. Over 274 UBI members received 5 WJAX as an advance payment totaling $2740
  2. Updated info about WJAX, JAXRE, JAXUD, and WJXN-2 tokens on Snowtrace (Avalanche C-Chain)
  3. Ran a global marketing campaign on UBI
  4. Got featured on Blockchain Today
  5. Released video guides on staking and liquidity farming
  6. Increased the overall social media capital to over 46.7K followers on Twitter (10.3K), Telegram (34.2K), and Facebook (2.2K). Join us to get all the news rapidly from the first hands!

Join our official regional chats on Telegram!

🇮🇩Jax.Network Indonesia: https://t.me/jaxnetwork_ID

🇮🇷Jax.Network Iran: https://t.me/jaxnetworkIR

🇯🇵Jax.Network Japan: https://t.me/jaxnetworkJP

🇵🇭Jax.Network Philippines: https://t.me/jax_chat_ph

🇹🇷Jax.Network Turkey: https://t.me/jaxnetwork_TR

🇻🇳Jax.Network Vietnam: https://t.me/jaxnetworkVN



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