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JaxPool vs other crypto mining pools

by Maryna Trifonova, Head of Content at Jax.Network

Mining has always been considered one of the most stable sources of income in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin mining pools capture the biggest pie of the market, with Foundry, AntPool, and F2Pool controlling over the half of total hashrate. Let’s see how JaxPool fits into the picture and why it’s better than any other Bitcoin mining pool.

Subjects of comparison

According to btc.com, Foundry, AntPool, and F2Pool are the largest cryptocurrency mining pools in the world. It means that these three pools have the highest levels of hashrate dedicated to their pools by multiple users and thus they may be considered the best. However, we would like to compare them to our JaxPool, which is still young but has been actively accumulating loads of hashrate.

Foundry USA

The largest mining pool with almost 20% hashrate market share is Foundry USA. The company was founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), which also owns Coindesk, Genesis, Luno, and Grayscale. Foundry USA focuses on the North American market, offering 0% pool fees for big industrial miners with 25+ PH/s of hashrate.


AntPool had been the largest mining pool in the world until December 2021 when Foundry USA reached 29.83 EH/s of hashpower and dominated the market. AntPool was founded in 2014 by Bitmain Technology, a major mining equipment manufacturer. The company hosts servers in multiple locations around the world allowing Bitcoin miners to join the pool via the nearest server for a fee that varies from 0% to 4%.


The oldest mining pool in this comparative analysis is F2Pool. Established in 2013, it has quickly captured the Chinese market and managed to maintain its position among the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pools despite the ban. The pool charges a 2.5% fee and offers a variety of merged mining options, including BTC + HTR, ELA, and NMC.


JaxPool is a sub-pool of a top 5 Bitcoin mining pool. Founded in 2022, the venture aims to merge-mine Bitcoin with Jax.Network and provide miners increased profitability through the merge-mining rewards and favorable fees. JaxPool is able to offer lower fees (and even negative fees, i.e. a 1% bonus) compared to other mining pools because of the increased profitability from merge-mining Jax.Network.

Comparative table

Now let’s put all of the above-mentioned mining pools in the table in order to analyze them based on a set of parameters, including pool fees, payout type, minimum payout, payout frequency, and merge-mining support. Please note that all parameters are set for Bitcoin mining.

* 1% bonus for first 750 PH/s on the pool, 0.5% for next 3 EH/s, 0% fee for any hashrate added subsequently

As we can see from the table above, only JaxPool and Foundry USA offer a 0% pool fee under FPPS payout type. However, if we dig a bit deeper, we can find that the latter targets mainly large miners with over 25 PH/s of hashrate power. Moreover, it doesn’t offer an opportunity to profit from merged mining. Meanwhile, our JaxPool not only takes as low as 0–1% fees but also gives a 1% bonus for first 750 PH/s on the pool.


Cryptocurrency mining is a well-established business model that can generate a stable income if you know how to minimize operating costs, i.e. pool fees. In contrast to the top 3 mining companies by hashrate and a very competitive landscape, JaxPool turns out to be a more attractive Bitcoin mining pool in terms of merge-mining support and pool fees, allowing BTC miners to maximize their profits.

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