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Network boot parameters

by Vinod Manoharan, Founder of Jax.Network

Hours away from the MainNet launch, we would like to tease you with the release of network boot parameters. Feel free to read the full paper or this short article to make some estimations of the economic viability of merge-mining our network.

Shard chains parameters

  • Initial shard count in Jax.Network MainNet is 3
  • Beacon chain average block interval is 600 seconds
  • Shard chain average block interval is 37.5 seconds
  • BC block body size is 768KB
  • SC block body size is 60KB.

Mining parameters

  • Mining hash function is SHA256d, meaning that every device which is used for mining Bitcoin or its forks can be used for merge-mining Jax.Network
  • Hash sorting number is 10
  • Initial BC block difficulty is 2⁶⁴ hashes
  • Initial SC block difficulty is 2⁶⁰ hashes.

Other keynotes

  • The premine size of JXN is 36,000,000
  • The block reward on the beacon chain is set at 20 coins per block after 5 years
  • The initial value of the K-coefficient is 2^-60 JAX/hash, meaning that on average 2⁶⁰ hashes should be computed in order to get 1 JAX
  • There will be timelocks on miners BC block rewards
  • A shard expansion protocol determines the conditions which should be satisfied to open a new shard
  • Miners can vote on the value of the K-coefficient and determine it through a consensus.


We have provided a detailed description of the network boot parameters here. If your equipment coincides with our requirements, we would be happy to have you merge-mining our network!

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