When Digital Marketing Fails

Take a look at the ad below for Cartier. When I first came to CNN, I thought the headline “White Supremacists Celebrate…” was referring to the image above. It took me a second to realize that the images above were for Cartier, the eyewear company.

This is the reason I don’t promote display ads, esp as the remnant inventory. You never know what content will appear next to your ad. Could the ad be any worse for Cartier? They are on the same homepage as white supremacists, the deadliest fire in California, and the Dow falling 600 points. That’s just the top headlines, the bullet point headlines are just as bad.

When I see things like this I bring up a term I came up with called “Display Ad Fail” 0f “DAF” for short. Brands need to start reevaluating where they show content. Just because you’re on CNN, does not mean your content will be in a good place to represent your brand.

Originally published at www.jaybhatti.com.