Visual Poetry

Laugharne certainly has a ‘feel’ about it. The small town sits in a picturesque spot on the River Taf estuary just under an hour’s drive West of Swansea on the South West coast of Wales. I’d been there once before but the weather had been grey and overcast. On this second visit I had a ticket for the Laugharne Weekend — a three day Art, Literature and Music festival — on the recommendation of Emyr Young, the official event photographer. Emyr does some tasty portraits.

When the weather delivers, Laugharne transforms. The weather, Festival and atmosphere were great. Glad I took a camera along!

The single road through the small town opens up at the town square and lower car park — with a fantastic view of the estuary.


Visitors to Laugharne invariably take the short pilgrimage walk along the estuary path from the town square up to the Boat House and nearby writing shed: home and workplace respectively of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. You can take another path to the Boat House from the town which skirts past the Castle up and along the low cliffs, but the view of the estuary and Boat House sitting on the waters edge just seems more appealing.


The estuary path from the town leading up to the Boat House takes you past several benches where you can sit and enjoy the view and sea air. But one bench, set back from the path, stands out from the others due to its twin wooden panels with excerpts from Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’. Quite comfy too.


If you enjoy listening to writers, musicians and artists discuss and perform their craft in small, intimate settings, I can thoroughly recommend attending the Laugharne Weekend 4–6th April 2014. You can find out more on the event line-up on the website

I’ll finish with a selection of photographs taken in the town and at events I attended.

FOOTNOTES: Captured during the Laugharne Weekend, April 2013.
Photography by © 2016 Brian Carroll.