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JBcoin has kept a great partnership with the most popular tourism service company “Street Kart” like a famous game “Mario kart” you know.
“Street Kart” is giving so fantastic service “Public road cart sightseeing activities for the most popular visitors to Japan”.

You can use JBcoin to ride in and get the greatest experience with large discount. If you have successfully snapshot a JBcoin logo kart running on a public road, you can get great amount JBcoins by Airdrop. More information about Street Kart




JBcoin project is planning to have a partnership with the largest domestic payment company this Autumn, and we are looking at over 10,000 affiliated stores.

= JBcoin Brief Introduction =
“JBcoin” is not ERC-20. In 2019, native blockchain was installed to JBcoin platform and start to launch some cool project.

a. Transaction speed : 3sec
b. Transaction fee: Free
c. 4000 transaction process per second

NJBC has enough functionality as a means of payment. Very easy to send coin. No stressful.
More information about JBcoin


Embracing the Space Between Us An Innovative Platform by Japan Brand Coin

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    JBcoin Official site https://jbcoin.io



    Embracing the Space Between Us An Innovative Platform by Japan Brand Coin

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