We’re happy to announce to our noble community the listing of JBOX (JBX) on tokenjar, a decentralized exchange platform with over 400 Ethereum-based tokens been traded, For some people, especially traders might be familiar with Decentralized Exchanges. Tokenjar is one, decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange using 0x protocol. It is meant to maximum safe and speed. And moreover it requires no registration, service fees, deposit, and KYC. The transaction happens directly from wallet to wallet.

JBOX token is highly secured based on the integrity of the platform. We are operating on, when using our token, you don’t have to worry, you are very safe. JBOX token is secured by a cryptographic blockchain network similar to Crypto running on a delegated Ethereum blockchain.

JBOX Coin mining concept: (POV & POU)

As you know, you watch videos JBOX platform and earn JBX token, in the crypto world it’s called mining. That means as you watch any video on JBOX platform you are mining JBOXCOIN. You can start mining as a starter to invest it in Tokenjar, or you could just trade your token to JBOX.