Investing Journey — Update #7

I’ve embarked on an investing journey to see which non-traditional (a couple of traditional) options will give me the best bang for my buck during a 1-yr time span. With the rise of crowd-funded platforms and the passing of the JOBS act legislation, there are new opportunities to us that were limited to only accredited investors previously.

Without further ado, here are the updates:


  1. Sold half of my positions to realize gains.


  1. $200 investment in new startup.


  1. ZR Coin added to my Waves Lite wallet.


  1. Received Dividends.


  1. No update.

Robinhood — Stocks


*Snapshot of the two positions I hold*

Reduced TWTR to 625 shares and SQ to 425 shares for profits. It would be disheartening to allow my stocks to gain in value and not actually make money on them, so I sold some while they are hot and left half of my capital invested.

At this time, the stock market’ ROI undoubtedly makes it the best investment vehicle of the group. When the market is hot like this, it’s foolish not to be investing any extra monies you may have in equities (without having any knowledge of stocks).

Right now it’s the quickest way to increase your wealth and ultimately your net worth (other than perhaps owning a business). We’ll see how long this trend continues.

If you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing, and would like to get involved shoot me an email or add me on any social network & reach out and I will get you started.

SeedInvest — Startups

To bring you up to speed, last post I was waiting for my $2,000 pending deposit to transfer over. Since then, the transfer went through and the Auto-invest program kicked in. My auto-investment account set up two pending investments (each for $200).

I did some research on both (two) investments, and cancelled one of the investments because I wasn’t impressed by one of the startups. The process to cancel the investment was very easy. I’m letting one of the investments ride (see below).

Learn more about SeedInvest’s Auto invest program here.

**If you’re interested in learning about the companies I invested in, take a look below:

DSTLD — Disrupting the $200BN fast fashion market with fairly priced, direct-to-consumer premium essentials.

Keen Home — Making the core systems of the home smarter, starting with the world’s first smart home air vent.

HelloMD — Building the largest marketplace of cannabis consumers on the planet, aka the “Amazon of Cannabis.”

GoSun — Powering the Good Life with Fuel-Free Cooking.

ZRCoin — Commodity-backed Blockchain Option


Nothing really to update you about here. I finally received the ZRCoin virtual token in my waves client wallet. I am also looking into other ICO’s to invest in.

If you’d like to know more about virtual currencies, feel free to reach out to me to chat.

Fundrise — Private (potential IPO) REIT


If you missed how it works, check out my first update

I am excited to announce that it appears Fundrise has credited my account with the dividends!

Going forward, I’ve set up automatic dividend re-investment, so the dividends I just received have already been thrown back into the mix. I hope Fundrise continues to acquire new assets effectively increasing my portfolio value.

Coinbase — Bitcoin


*Snapshot of the three virtual currencies I own*

I haven’t made any updates to my Coinbase wallet. However, I’d like to mention the recent drop in bitcoin and other virtual currency valuations. It seems (to me) there is an approaching deadline of August 1st, that could potentially temporarily (or worse) disrupt the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The issue, is the scaling of bitcoin. As it stands, bitcoin cannot handle the large amount of transactions and will continue to get worse as more people begin to adopt the currency.

With that, something needs to be done.

One proposed solution called SegWit, attempts to improve the scaling problems by expanding blocks (of blockchain) size limitations. For us to be able to carry out more transactions with bitocin, each block size must be increased to be capture all the transactions.

Currently, blocks can handle only 1Mb of information causing payments and transfers to be backlogged. In some cases, individuals have waited days to receive their virtual currency.

As for SegWit, it claims to solve some of the scaling problems such as this. However, a large portion of the bitcoin community disagrees with the proposed solution claiming it isn’t a solid fix.

I gather, bitcoin developers are the ones who know enough to take sides on the matter. As an amateur to this virtual world, I can only sit on the sideline and hope for the best.

So we shall see!

Thanks for reading!

Originally published at on July 18, 2017.