Croissan Music Streaming App

Demo at: is a personal passion project of mine. Because most music is consumed by streaming these days, it’s safe to say all your favorite songs are stored somewhere on a remote data server and accessible via the internet on most devices.

Even though you can make playlists and collect music across multiple avenues on Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube. I primarily built this app to design my own little Music streaming collection outlet to store great sonic experiences.

If you go to you will be able to use the site fully. I will also summarize below’s functionality and put snapshots of the site’s design below.


  • Authorized user access to create and edit posts.
  • Searchable, infinite scrolling to show old posts.
  • Stream’s music via iframe embed code from Youtube or Soundcloud.
  • Mobile Responsive Layout, you can resize the window to see how they resize.
  • Built with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS/SCSS, jQuery, Javascript, Heroku

Snapshots of the site:

Home Page

Home Page Scrolled Down

Individual show page

Click Down Menu

Artist Page

Search Page

Thanks for reading!

Visit for the full experience.


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