Jeanne Rowzee
Feb 25 · 3 min read
Jeanne Rowzee on why you should adopt, don’t shop.

Are you looking to add a furry companion to your life? Many people default to visiting pet shops in order to shop around for their next pet. However, Jeanne Rowzee lists the top 3 reasons why you should consider adopting your next pet instead of buying.

1. Save a Life

According to Jeanne Rowzee, this is the main reason to choose adoption over shopping for your next pet.

Many people purchase pets and then abandon them, whether this is out of need or lack of education on their part. This causes an unfortunate and constant overflow of pets in pounds and shelters. Often, thousands of pets have to be put down due to lack of resources. By adopting from one of these shelters, Jeanne Rowzee states that you are contributing to saving the lives of pets in need of homes. On the other hand, buying a pet will add demand to the industry without saving the lives of pets who are desperately in need of a forever home.

2. Avoid Encouraging Animal Mills

Did you know that most animals found in pet shops come from places like puppy mills?

According to Jeanne Rowzee, these places are commercial dog-breeding facilities that do not place the health and welfare of their animals as a priority. Instead, the focus is on decreasing overhead costs and increasing profit. This means that breeding dogs spend most of their lives in cramped spaces with no room to play and no exercise. Females get little to no recovery time in between litters to ensure the maximization of profits — these dogs will often get put down after only a few years since they become exhausted and are no longer profitable. By adopting from a shelter, you avoid encouraging the use of such animal mills and contribute to organizations that have animal health and welfare at the top of their priorities.

3. Save Costs

Purchasing a pet can be really expensive, especially if you are looking to adopt a specific breed.

More often than not, animal shelters are run by non-profits and volunteers. Some shelters rely completely on volunteer workers, including vets. This means there are no intentions to make a profit. These shelters exist for the sole purpose of helping abandoned animals find their forever home.

On the other hand, pet shops only exist to make a profit. The prices of the animals you’ll find does not go towards making your pet’s life better. Plus, they’ll often charge very expensive prices without including important procedures like spaying/neutering and microchipping.

When you adopt, the fees go toward increasing the quality of life of your pet without attempting to make a profit. According to Jeanne Rowzee, some shelters even offer fees at a loss for themselves to encourage more adoptions and rely on donations to provide care for their animals.

Wrapping it Up

With so many pets in need of adoption, there is no reason to pay a higher price and encourage animal mills. Jeanne Rowzee also stresses the importance of carefully picking your new pet and considering all the costs and resources needed for its care before adopting to ensure you are ready to provide it with a forever home.

Jeanne Rowzee

Jeanne Rowzee is an active member in her community who has a love for animals and enjoys playing sports and staying fit.

Jeanne Rowzee

Written by

Jeanne is a passionate animal lover who enjoys playing sports and contributing to her community.

Jeanne Rowzee

Jeanne Rowzee is an active member in her community who has a love for animals and enjoys playing sports and staying fit.

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