The Amazing Greens: Powerhouse Vegetables for Every Meal

The photo was taken by the author

One of the best investments we ever made was in a greenhouse. In Maine, the growing season outdoors is short and the winter temperatures often linger below zero for weeks at a time. The greenhouse allows us to extend the season on both ends. There is a period from, say, December to March when nothing much is growing. However, that is the time to use all the foods preserved from last season…




A place for my stories about cooking and eating, it is part memoir, part cookbook, part advice column. Cooking is an adventure and is most fun when shared with family, friends, and even strangers. Eating good food lovingly prepared can go a long ways toward building communities.

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Taste buds tingle in Ramzan, Navratri in Lucknow

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Jean Anne Feldeisen

Jean Anne Feldeisen

I've got my fingers in way too many pots. Cook, writer, poet, reader, musician, therapist, dreamer, a transplant from New Jersey suburbs to a farm in Maine.

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