Attack of the Drone

Also Known As: Operator Error

While camping at Osage Hills State Park, the boys and I went hiking on the Lake Trail just before sunset. I took the DJI Phantom 3 out with us, hoping for a chance to fly and get some good video.

When we got to the lake, the clearing was on the wrong side for me to get the shot I wanted. We were staring directly into the sun. But I put the drone up anyway, since I hadn’t flown in a while and wanted to log some time.

Since the three of us were together, we decided to shoot a dronie. You know, a drone selfie. It almost ended in a trip to the emergency room when I hit the controls the wrong way, sending the spinning rotors right at our faces. Did I mention I hadn’t flown in a while?

I was rolling on this near disaster and I added some director commentary. Enjoy the show!

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