Camping Hot Dogs

The boys and I went camping at Osage Hills State Park last weekend.

One thing we love most about camping is the food. We stuff ourselves with Oreos, smores and all kinds of treats. But one of our favorite meals is hot dogs.

Ten dogs should be enough for three people, right?

Hot dogs are easy to fix. Most of the time you just throw them on a stick and cook them over the campfire. We broke out the camp stove for these though, since it had rained a lot and most of the wood was wet.

We make hot dogs a special way when we go camping. We use sharp cheddar cheese sticks to add a little extra flavor. This is something we did on the spur of the moment one time, and we’ve eaten hot dogs on camping trips like that from then on. They are delicious!

Erickson said he had no regrets about eating four of these

More to come from this trip soon.

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