$JDI Private sales

Jazz Dino
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2 min readMar 28, 2021


Apart from IAO on ApeSwap, We would like to conduct a Private sales!

It is more like a community sale. It is to thank to our early users who keep using our services and provide good feedback, so that our service is better overtime.

PLEASE NOTE: This presale will be distributing PJDI tokens, which are only placeholder tokens for presale participants. The real JDI tokens will be distributed after the IAO on ApeSwap.

🚀Private Sales Time: March 29 at 05:00 UTC (https://www.inyourowntime.zone/2021-03-29_05.00_UTC)

🏠 Location: Link with be posted in media channels. If you are already in a channel, you are good to go!

💲 Token Price: $0.075 per $JDI (25% discount)

🎫 Hard Cap: 800,000 $JDI

💰 Hard Cap Per User: 2,000 $JDI

(~0.56BNB specific rate will be determined at March 29 04:00 UTC). We would love to let early users hodl token for PRO access.

🕐 Duration: 2 hours

updated at 2021–03–29 3:37 UTC. Change contract address to PJDI token to avoid people trading tokens before IAO event.


  1. Wait for admin to post a link to private sales page. In Telegram, OpenChat, or Twitter.
  2. Make sure to check contract address, too.
  3. 0xef5aafea7dcf6664982161573daf5c16e261710a (PJDI)
  4. Make a purchase with BNB (Make sure you have enough gas)
  5. Wait for the network to finish.
  6. DONE.
  7. You will have PJDI token in your wallet

JDI Token Distribution

updated at 2021–03–29 3:37 UTC.

JDI tokens will be distributed to PDJI holders at 1:1 within 24 hours after the IAO finishes.

We will only distribute a maximum of 2,000 JDI tokens per address, even if they exceed a balance of 2,000 PJDI tokens.

Addresses that have excess amount over 2,000 PJDI will get JDI distributed 48–72hrs after the IAO.

Channels 💬

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JediYield

Telegram: https://t.me/jediyield

Medium: https://medium.com/jediyield

Line OA Chat: https://line.me/ti/g2/Rs6R6o5-OHb7pzmry1KGdA

Docs: https://docs.jediyield.com