JediYield x ApeSwap — Our IAO on ApeSwap

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3 min readMar 28, 2021


🐵 🍌

We are pleased to announce that,

We are going IAO on ApeSwap on April 2nd at 03:00 UTC

It is a privilege for us to be the 2nd IAO on the ApeSwap platform!

🏠 Location:

🚀 Launch Time: April 2nd at 03:00 UTC

💲 Token Price: $0.10 per $JDI

🎫 For Sale: 7,000,000 $JDI

💰 Hard Cap: $700,000

🍌 BANANA to Burn: $350,000

🕐 Duration: 1 hour

Detail instructions on how to participate this: 👉 the Ape’s Doc

Read the ApeSwap medium for the info from their side.

Commitments to Long-Term Goal 🛡

We plan to make this JediYield the SAFU of the Yield Farmers. Only stating this will not be enough. We take actions by committing parts of our funds into a lock vault at another service recommended by ApeSwap’s Partner.

The locked funds are as follows:

  • 32% of total tokens will be locked for 2 months and release linearly for 10 months. (This is for the Team and Operations)
  • 25% of the IAO funds will be locked in the form of JDI-BNB liquidity using the 10% JDI allocated for initial liquidity for a period of six months or more.

$JDI Token as you may already know is a smart portal targeting to increase convenience and security for Binance Smart Chain yield farmers. Users can freely stake and/or unstake their funds regardless of the accessibility to their favorite yield farming websites.

We plan to expand our features even more. Some of them will be exclusive to the JDI Token hodlers. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Harvest All” button. No more clicking “Harvest” on each site.
  • Codechange alert. Surely, they say there is a time lock but how do you know when they change things?

Just hodl 2,000 $JDI for a PRO access. Details can be found in here.

Our coin artwork!

JDI Token Distribution

The maximum supply of JDI token is 20,000,000.

  • 35% — To be sold at the IAO
  • 20% — Operations (locked for 2 months, then linearly over 10 months)
  • 12% — Team (locked for 2 months, then linearly over 10 months)
  • 10% — Initial liquidity (for JDI-BNB LP)
  • 10% — Marketing funds
  • 5% — Cross chain liquidity
  • 4% — Private Sale
  • 4% — The initial BANANA Fiesta on ApeSwap

Team Opinions 👪

As the DeFi platform grows as a whole, we believe that there will be a need for a SAFU service like us. $JDI Token hodlers will surely expand!

We know that we have to be so good that users would forgo their precious returns and hodl our token for dear life. One evidence of the past months is that 1,500+ users are using our service daily. We want to keep up with the good works. Make a good service that users love to come back.

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