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$KRED Public Launch & Q1 2022 Overview

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln and countless others have uttered some variation of this quote, a statement true when Honest Abe first said it, and especially relevant to us, the JEDSTAR Community as the direction of blockchain, crypto and gaming in 2022 is becoming a whole lot less predictable than it ever was — that is, for us!

With $ KRED's successful presale and nearly $3 million raised (A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO OUR INVESTORS AND COMMUNITY), together and as a community, we are creating the future that others are predicting. A future where Square Enix Holdings Co. President Yosuke Matsuda thinks "traditional gaming" would offer no explicit incentive to a new and emerging group of players — "people whose motivation is to play to contribute", a future where true ownership of assets is not a 'perk' but a given, and where time and effort invested gaming will be rewarded, all which is only possible by embracing blockchain technology.

Square Enix's President Yosuke Matsuda as the final boss in FFXV' Holiday Pack'

And as things kick into gear in 2022, marking the advent of what we believe will be the mainstream adoption of crypto, JEDSTAR and $KRED will be at the forefront. Riding the ̶w̶a̶v̶e̶ tsunami that will take over the gaming AND artist world, not just as a gaming company that leverages blockchain, but also as a BaaS (Backend as a Service) and CaaS (Currency as a Service) provider — delivering end-to-end services for gaming studios or indie devs, and artists, to quickly adapt and adopt blockchain.


Now that the presale is over and JEDSTAR has built a solid foundation for growth for the next five years, it is time for us to make $KRED publicly available for trading, starting with PancakeSwap as the first DEX where $KRED will be available.
We will be providing $KRED liquidity on PCS on January the 22nd, 2022 @ 2022hrs PT (here's an easy time converter, where you need to add your city, and currently in talks with various tier 1 CEX that we can not name due to signed NDAs, and targeting our CEX debut in Q2 2022, allowing early adopters to accumulate before seeing massive adoption.


The next exciting item on the JEDSTAR menu! Just as $KREDs tokenomics has evolved, STARSTAKING will see a vital transformation to match $KRED's new tokenomics. We have reviewed the reward system and, after much testing and consideration, will be introducing more significant and better rewards for every $JED staked. These new reward systems will elevate $JED status as a premier DeFi token and establish STARSTAKING as a DeFi platform to rival the most prominent names currently in the market. We will be making further announcements on the new reward system as we get closer to $ KRED's public launch.


Our Exclusive NFT Marketplace has also received an intensive overhaul. While AGORA 1.0 has not launched, we are currently finalising AGORA 2.0 slated for February/March. The significant changes made to AGORA will make it an exclusive and curated NFT Marketplace, where $JED holders will have access to premier content created by selected AAA artists, who then will be able to trade or display their collection in the secondary marketplace.
AGORA will also be the marketplace for in-game assets part of the JEDSTAR DECO. Players will be able to purchase, sell or trade assets with or for $KRED.
The NFT airdrops due to the first 1000 holders will be the first tradable assets on the marketplace, followed by the launch of the FIRST NFT collection of our flagship artist Mr Aaron Miller himself.


Our hyper-casual play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform scheduled to launch the first week of February will feature over 100 games at launch with unique P2E features such as Duel mode where gamers can face-off against other gamers around the world in timed challenges; Challenge mode, where gamers can play against the AI and earn if they beat it or War mode where thousands of gamers can join a 24-hour war and try and get the highest score and claim the JEDPOT. There will also be an XP mode, that allows novices to earn experience points while building their skills before entering the challenging P2E arena. A large portion of the games introduced at the start would be games introduced by our partner Skillgaming, with our team targeting 100 JEDSTAR games to be available by the end of 2022.

Jed and team will be facing the SkillGaming universe in STARDOME

2022 the year of GameFi and Web3.0

As mentioned at the start of this post, it is not difficult for us to predict the trend in 2022, and JEDSTAR and its community are well placed to get a slice of the $180B pie that is the gaming industry.
GameFi and mass crypto adoption has been our North Star before it started trending online. And our early advantage not only puts us in a leadership position but also gives but better insight and information, and what we know is the most important is: the key to mass adoption is easy adoption.
And it is with that mindset that we decided to plan the development of a web browser and wallet to seamlessly integrate with our GameFi and DeFi ecosystem, which comprises of :
- 100 web and app based hypercasual game
- 2 mobile-only games: a Kingdom Builder and an Arcade Slasher/Blaster
- 2 AAA cross-platform games: A CCG and a MetaMMORPG
- 1 NFT marketplace — which would store and enable trading all in-game assets and resources
- STARSTAKING — A DeFi platform where $JED holders get rewarded for holding $JED

Imagine a browser where users may surf, purchase and play on a single platform, securely and across multiple devices.

And it is with this bold ambition that I will be ending this note. However not without thanking our community once again, as without you - the foundation to support the pillars of our vision, none of this would have been possible. Your trust, support and patience, have now enabled our team to focus on growth, BUIDL and making 2022 ours. To the Moon 🚀

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” — Steve Jobs



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