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Partnering for Growth and Innovation: JEDSTAR Gaming’s Partnership Strategy Explained

An exciting future lies ahead for JEDSTAR Gaming as we have embarked on our first steps into building one of the biggest Web3 gaming ecosystems out there, and announced our first partnerships among hundred coming up. We believe that partnerships drive growth, innovation, and value in the Web3 gaming space.

We are committed to building strong relationships with other companies that share our values and goals and leveraging these partnerships to create new experiences, opportunities, and revenue streams for our users and investors.

With that said, we understand there may be questions and concerns about how partnerships can benefit JEDSTAR Gaming and its two tokens, JED and KRED. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ to address some common questions and provide more information on our partnership strategy.

We hope that this FAQ will help to clarify our approach and provide more insight into how we plan to create value for our community and stakeholders through partnerships.

First 2 exciting partnerships announced, with more to come!


Q: I HODL JED and KRED. But I am wondering, what is the purpose of partnering with other Web3 gaming companies, and how can it benefit JEDSTAR Gaming?

A: Great question! Partnering with other Web3 gaming projects can have several benefits for JEDSTAR Gaming.
Firstly, and most importantly, it can increase exposure and visibility for the company and its products, which can help to attract new users and investors.
Secondly, it can provide access to new technologies and platforms that can help to improve JEDSTAR’s products and services.
Lastly, partnering with other companies can help JEDSTAR diversify its revenue streams and build a stronger community of users and supporters.

Q: But how can partnerships benefit JEDSTAR Gaming’s two tokens, JED and KRED directly??

A: Well, partnerships can help them in several ways.
We can start with the fact that partnerships can increase demand for the tokens as more users are exposed to JEDSTAR Gaming’s ecosystem and its products. This can lead to higher token prices, benefiting token holders. Also, partnerships can increase the utility of the tokens, as they may be used for in-game purchases, staking, or other activities within the partner’s ecosystem. This can lead to more token usage and higher demand.
Finally, partnerships can lead to token integration, where KRED or JED tokens are used to exchange or reward within the partner’s ecosystem. This can increase token usage and demand, benefiting the token price.

Q: It has been weeks since JEDSTAR Gaming announced two partnerships. Why have our community numbers not increased?

A: While the end game is to see increased community numbers after announcing partnerships, we have to remember that these partnerships are the first step in a long-term strategy. It is a marathon, not a race.
We are not simply shilling to each other’s communities to buy tokens. We are not that kind of project. Also, we are still in the midst of preparing to launch all things related to these partnerships, and everything will unfold in the upcoming months. With that being said, these first steps are a positive sign for the community, and we are excited to bring new experiences and opportunities to our users through these collaborations.

Q: Partnerships announced. Wen moon?

A: While partnerships can increase demand for tokens and higher token prices, these effects may not be immediately apparent. It’s important to note that partnerships take time to develop and grow. Buyers easily swayed to buy in are the first to buy out at the first opportunity. We are working to build a group of long-term holders or ecosystem users.
We are in the midst of preparing the launch of all things related to these partnerships, and everything will unfold in the upcoming months.
In any investment, it is important to stay patient and DYOR on the long-term strategy to understand potential outcomes. Ours is focused on creating sustainable growth and value for our users and investors.

Q: I know some awesome projects. What types of partnerships is JEDSTAR Gaming looking for?

A: JEDSTAR Gaming is seeking partnerships with other Web3 gaming companies that share its values and goals. These partnerships should be mutually beneficial and provide opportunities for collaboration and growth. We are particularly interested in partnerships that can help to increase exposure and visibility for our products, provide access to new technologies and platforms, and create new revenue streams and business opportunities.

Q: What other benefits do these partnerships bring to JEDSTAR’s community of users and supporters?

A: Partnerships with other gaming companies can benefit our community of users and supporters by providing access to new gaming experiences, new digital assets, and new revenue streams. Partnerships can also create network effects that allow users of different platforms to interact and participate in cross-platform gaming experiences. This can help to create a more vibrant and engaging ecosystem for users, which in turn can lead to increased usage and demand for our products and services.

Q: How can I stay updated on JEDSTAR Gaming’s partnerships and initiatives?

A: You can stay updated on JEDSTAR Gaming’s partnerships and initiatives by following the company’s official social media channels. We regularly post updates on new partnerships, product launches, and other news and events. Additionally, you can join JEDSTAR’s community on Telegram or Discord with other community members and stay informed about the latest developments.



JEDSTAR is a Decentralised Ecosystem revolutionising the GameFi, DeFi and NFT space, by giving true utility to blockchain and providing income opportunities to gamers and artists — paving the way for true crypto mass-adoption.

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