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SILVERVOLT: Gateway to gamers


JEDSTAR is proud to announce that SILVERVOLT just entered its final development phase and will be launching in the next few weeks. And to thank our community for their support, we will be giving exclusive early access to our $JED holders before the official public launch!


SILVERVOLT is our unique Charge-to-Earn (C2E) auction, wager and lottery platform, where Generators would charge their phones to generate VOLTS through our app, which can then be used to:

  1. bid for, and win exclusive gaming prizes.
  2. wager and win (or lose!) VOLTS in our in-app game
  3. purchase lottery tickets to win the KREDPot.
With SILVERVOLT you Charge. Generate. Earn.

The 3 main activities on SILVERVOLT

The Auction Lounge

Through our Auction Lounge, Generators will gain access to auction prizes within their respective tiers. They can then bid to win prizes that would typically require fiat or crypto to purchase — making these items virtually free as VOLTS are generated simply by charging your phone.

Through our partnerships, the starting prices for bids would be considerably lower than their retail prices (up to 99%), and digital items, i.e. NFTs and in-game resources, would be immediately deposited into the winning Generator’s wallets or accounts, while physical items would be subject to shipping delivery standard timelines.

As JEDSTAR is all about gaming, our auction prizes will be specifically gaming related — both blockchain and ‘conventional’ games.

The Wager Den

Suppose charging is not enough to satiate a Generator’s appetite for VOLTS; they may also wager them against other Generators in our Wager Den by playing JEDSTAR Hodl ’em, a card game of probability and wit.
This game is our take on Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular poker variants, where the player with the best hand and has not folded wins — in our case, they win all the VOLTS wagered for that round. With time we will be adding more exciting games to our Wager Den.

The Lottery Palace

Generators may test their luck in this feature. Every week, VOLTS may be used to purchase lottery tickets for a chance to win the KREDPot, which starts at 250,000 USD worth of $KRED. The KREDPot will increase if is not claimed meaning that at one point, our Generators might have the chance to win a KREDPot potentially worth millions in USD.

With time we are committed to creating a range of exciting and engaging products for our Generators to win from our KREDPot while continuously improving ways to encourage everyone to play responsibly.

How does SILVERVOLT benefit $JED and $KRED?

JEDSTAR is proud to launch its first app and the first of its utilities that will directly benefit its token DECO and our community.

We have built a unique app that will enable healthy and incremental price growth simply by having Generators charge their phones — even non-cryptohodlers!

While the growth of our tokens through utility rather than the traditional token purchase is exciting, what excites us further is the ability for SILVERVOLT to be our gateway to gamers and mass adoption.

We have done our research and built SILVERVOLT to appeal to casual gamers, as much as we designed the C2E model of SILVERVOLT to benefit our community and JEDSTAR by promoting the healthy growth of $KRED and $JED through buybacks. Token buybacks from the revenue acquired from VOLTS generation will provide upward price pressure and improve the sustainability and longevity of our tokens. Simply put, the more VOLTS generated, the higher the buybacks, the higher our token price.

Illustration of the potential of buybacks. The more VOLTS generated, the higher the buybacks

Why would gamers use SILVERVOLT?

Because we will be giving gamers what they want with a simple ask in return; to run SILVERVOLT when they charge their phones.

Our research established that a large number of gamers, especially in emerging markets, purchase in-game assets through third-party stores rather than directly through games or app stores. For example, CODASHOP has over 5 million active monthly users and approximately 50 million visitors in the last 3 months. The company was valued at 4 billion dollars recently, and we are certain that it is a market that is about to explode.

Knowing these facts, our strategy is to engage and incentivise a high volume of these gamers and allow them to auction sought-after in-game assets by generating VOLTS. Since it is a free and simple C2E model, the platform will appeal to these gaming communities. By leveraging blockchain technology, SILVERVOLT benefits both our project and gamers.

And to motivate and excite our potential Generators, we have secured exclusive prizes through our strategic partnerships — such as NFTs for games like Axie Infinity to target its 2 million daily players, and Mobile Legends in-game assets to target its 10 million daily players, or Razer gear to target its 8 million monthly visitors.

Finally, an indirect but intentional outcome of SILVERVOLT is that it helps gamers (potentially all 2.9 Billion of them) ease into the blockchain gaming space and the JEDSTAR brand through our education, marketing, and rewards across all game genres and platforms.

With SILVERVOLT you can auction for in-game assets or gaming gear

Early BETA Access for our loyal Community

To reward our Community, we will be giving $JED holders with at least 5000 $JED, early BETA access to SILVERVOLT before starting our marketing initiatives. These initiatives will include partnerships with popular streamers on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Live. We will also be engaged in PR initiatives on established gaming publications, both written and video, and investing significantly in targeted advertising as our goal is to convert a high volume of gamers into Generators.

This head start will allow our community members to have the advantage of a higher number of VOLTS during the early stages and increase the probability to win our exciting auction prizes. Our early Generators will also be essential to the success of SILVERVOLT as they will provide critical data to the team, the app and the project right before we scale.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the launch of SILVERVOLT! A unique app that will set new standards in the crypto and gaming industries, as we stay true to our vision of mass adoption by directly targeting gamers — regardless of demographic, game genre or platform.

Finally, our team will be making an announcement on our official Youtube channel on the 20th of April, where we will provide more details on the app and a general update on our games and other products in development, so make sure to join on 420!



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