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JEDSTAR is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Mr Kaiesh Vohra!

Kaiesh is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience that has bootstrapped a Web2 SaaS company to multi-million dollar profitability; and comes with deep enterprise experience from banking, real estate, technology and business strategy. His strong academic background in artificial intelligence and computer science has kept him very closely involved with everything relating to the latest technology!

His most recent foray has been in a mass-consumer blockchain mining initiative steered by gaming. Kaiesh is a co-founder and the current CEO of FreeLabs Group Ltd. While in this role, he’s conceived, created, fund-raised and structured a distributed cryptocurrency mining pool with gamified incentives that leverages blockchain infrastructure concepts to create the world’s first free casino. This puts him in an excellent position to be JEDSTAR’s CTO – not only does he understand cryptocurrency and blockchain in specific relation to gaming like the back of his hand, he’s also already created technology in this space.

Kaiesh had this to say about JEDSTAR.

“JEDSTAR’s comprehensive approach to DeFi, DeCo and GameFi empowers the creators in the space. not only to earn more fairly, but also to establish closer relationships with their genuine aesthetes.”

“I believe that KRED has an opportunity today to position itself as the bridge for all games as the common P2E gateway for Web3, just like Stripe has for payments in SaaS for Web2.”

With Kaiesh onboard and at the helm of developing JEDSTAR’s groundbreaking technology, there is no doubt that JEDSTAR will be the undisputed forerunner in the GameFi space for years to come.

You may read more about Kaiesh on his LinkedIn page.



JEDSTAR is a Decentralised Ecosystem revolutionising the GameFi, DeFi and NFT space, by giving true utility to blockchain and providing income opportunities to gamers and artists — paving the way for true crypto mass-adoption.

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