Always Dip Your Feet In

I was assembling furniture I had purchased from IKEA and I noticed something odd. Out of the 3 differently sized shelves, the larger of the 3 was the easiest to put together. I assumed the smallest one would be the easiest simply because it had less hardware, fewer wood panels, and overall less surface area. Counterintuitively, the more surface area and the more shelves, the easier a piece was to assemble because these factors led to more surface area for me to hold onto while working on other sections, more structure to balance onto other structures, and so forth. Imagine a table with 4 legs and you take one leg away, it will be difficult for the table to remain upright but if the table had 8 legs and you removed one, it would be much easier for the table to stay up.

This simple experience led me to remember that human perception is not always accurate. So before you claim you know an outcome or an answer without having real world, hands on experience, then you might want to consider diving into something before you assume the difficulty level.