Be Seeing You

Leaving the “Lo-Fi Project”

In September 2013, I began The Second Set photo blog on WordPress. Continuing where the ‘first set’ of 500 Photos by Jglo left off, Jeff Glovsky: The Second Set, was a wordless “timeline” of perceptions, moods, seasons and occasional travel … together, with its predecessor on Tumblr, over the course of nearly a year.

Using little more than a trusty (and crusty!) Blackberry Bold 9900 cell phone camera (‘kickin’ it old school‘, as the kids say), I’ve caught ephemeral moments, stolen private moments … captured and shared inspiring ‘art-chitecture‘, the (self-) expression of others, light and color as eyes perceive them … and composed a ready-made image or two.

Occasionally, there have been WTF?? moments … when an image or concept might seem like a winner (Wow! That looks HOT on a cell phone screen), but then turns out, either image-wise or conceptually, to be a dud (… “Crux (Level)”? The hell am I talking about??). So läuft der Hase … Lost in translation!

But it isn’t the medium which makes a “photographer”; a “painter”, a “writer” … an artist. It’s the other way around. It’s the seeing … the feeling, expression …



... for visiting the “Lo-Fi Project”.

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