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by Jeff Glovsky

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Last year, in 2013, I finally woke up from a 3-year coma.

In 2010, my name and reputation were destroyed … maliciously, I’ll maintain. Needlessly. Prematurely. Criminally: for defamation — calumny, vilification, traducement, libel, blasphemous slander — is a crime. If I’d known then how to protect myself from it happening … with just the press of an “Enter” key: with NO form of outreach, fact-checking or “rebuttal” offered until AFTER the damages already get done … I would not have kept silent, shell-shocked from the bullying … comatose, bent over and raped for three years.

I would not have played dead, “hiding” in plain sight, while my name and reputation, friends and loved ones, innocent family members suffered, then became destroyed and flat-lined like I pretended to …

No, I would’ve risen and fought back, then.

In 2013, I started fighting back now. Over the past year and a half or so, I have battled to bolster my internet search score and, more importantly, my name and online reputation.

I have succeeded in removing from the internet certain unnecessary, certainly unwarrantedwarnings” about me personally … Offensive digs, insulting lies about “Jeff Glovsky”, the person — as opposed to the registered, licensed business which the person happened to own once in Miami, Florida, and which closed ignominiously for business in 2010.

Yet over the past several weeks, I — the person; the ‘real’ Jeff Glovsky have lost ground to a particularly nasty bear of a website … a disgusting online purgatory, where the defamed and abused stand forever accused … having no control whatsoever over libelous, one-sided or downright false information dumped there by angry, aggrieved-feeling, perceived slight sufferers, who might be having a pissy day.

There are still THREE (3) complaints about me on “Ripoff Report”.

One of them was an attempt last year (in 2013) to ‘cash in’ on my 2010 business failure, and the ensuing ruination of my personal name and reputation … The other two stemmed from that same business failure: reported in real time (2010), as my full-service — again, duly registered and licensed — Florida real estate company was falling apart.

But when fallout from that failed business turned destructively, personally, permanently public, all thoughts of repairing or rebuilding anything fell from the table.

All bets became off when it was hysterically suggested I was running a “Ponzi scheme” (?!) … that I’d “disappeared” … that I changed my name (?) and was “operating as” … that I’d established some elaborate “fraud” network … that I am and have been, QUOTE, a lifetime criminal and scam artist, END QUOTE (!!).

… Cheese it, Lefty?

Wait: a “lifetime” (emphasis mine) “criminal”.

A “scam artist”. Really.

What the fuck is that???

That such a thing can be ALLOWED to happen;

that with the simple click of an “Enter” key, a LIFETIME of work, effort, hope, dream and promise/potential can be annihilated;

that anything anyone wants to ‘yelp’ becomes ACCEPTED as Truth, because most people don’t care enough to click through, read things in full and contextualize … and/or are simply too lazy/busy/uninformed to develop their own viewpoints, or make any educated assessments themselves:

Why, says here, “Jeff Glovsky’s a FUCKING CRIMINAL!!!!!” Says I shouldBEWARE JEFF GLOVSKY!” … Hey, let me weigh in here, though I don’t know Jeff Glovsky. I’ll just contribute a little bit, and call him names too, and try to cause problems …

It says here, Jeff Glovsky’s a “scam artist”. Why, I’ll bet he’s thinking about SCAMING [sic] me!!!!!

These one-sided “yelps”, these emotional “reviews” and malicious, extortionate (permanent) “ripoff” reports being the order of the internet day, I would say I’ve lost, conservatively, hundreds of people I could have (re)met, gotten to know and/or enjoyed spending time/doing business with over the past four years, because no one wants to know a “criminal”, “thief” or “scammer” … and of course, doing business with one is out of the question.

I became informed too late about what I can do (could have done) to protect myself and fight back legally against personal libel and defamation. Now I am beyond informed.

And whatever I can do from my small, sad platform here … my blogosphere soapbox … I will do, tirelessly, to encourage others to THINK — before they “yelp” and bitch and blame, and name-call, and SCREAMINGLY pound on the keys, then press “Enter”.

THINK … before bullying and becoming irrational.

THINK. Before destroying potential.

THINK. Before publicly branding, defaming.


Before anyone else gets hurt.

The ‘real’ Jeff Glovsky is a reader, a writer, a photograph maker, living between New York and Munich.


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Jeff Glovsky

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