From Jefferson to the W3C, A Recommendation

Thank you all for your incredible patience as we wrap the end of the term.

Beginning in January, the first half of our semester focused on understanding the W3C organization, it’s users and the needs of those users. The latter half of the semester focused on delivering, at first, wireframes to understand the features, functionality and interactions that should be incorporated into the final recommendation and, later, a first draft of the visual design.

We set an aggressive timeline and I am very proud to say that my students delivered a fully-considered first draft in 15 weeks. This recommendation and the work that accompanies it will serve as a starting point for Elika Etimad and other members of the Specification Redesign project at the W3C.

If you haven’t already, please watch our readout presentation:

The final deliverables can be found at the links below.

All other working documents, drafts, notes and other content can be found here:

And, of course, this Medium publication serves as a week-by-week readout of our progress and throught process.